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    Now I know, from some of the threads I've been watching of late, that my life may well be in danger for posting this message but there are still plenty of huge Black Dyke Band fans out there. They may be related to you and you haven't a clue what to give them for Christmas. Allow us then to make a few suggestions.

    The Essential Dyke Collection is a special edition boxed set which not only comprises all of the nine fantastic 'Essential Dyke' CDs which have been recorded since the first volume in 1994 but also includes Volume X which will not be available until early 2011. What a bargain!

    If you like to watch as well as listen to the band then The Armed Man - A Mass for Peace is the band's latest DVD. Recorded live at Symphony Hall Birmingham, the band performs five solo items and is joined by Halifax Choral Society and Sheffield Philharmonic Choir in a performance of the title track. Absolutely stunning!

    A Decade Beating Time is Nicholas Childs' 10 Year Diary which marks his decade as Music Director of Black Dyke Band, and also charts his accomplishments with other high profile bands and musicians across the world. Superbly illustrated too!

    The Cornet Heritage Collection Volume I from the band's principal cornet player, Richard Marshall, was recently named runner-up in the British Bandsman Solo CD of the Year award and described as "a must for aspiring cornet players aiming for a future as soloists or just as sectional players in any brass band" by one of the judges, Torgny Hanson. A remarkable CD from a remarkable player.

    Order this weekend for pre-Christmas delivery, especially if delivery is required outside of the UK.

    Happy shopping!
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    The essential dyke collection looks mint in that nice box - I wish didn't already own so many of these as separate cd's. Can totally recommend these, and if you listen to say vol1,5,6,8 it gives any of the Nick Childs detractors a crystal clear example of what has been achieved over the last 10 years. The early ones have some great playing, but it's a bit rough around the edges under Watson, whereas the later volumes have a lot more polish and sophistication.
    The 10 year diary looks good, but may be too massive for my stocking.:(
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    Oooh the Essential Dyke Collection sounds good, I will definitley be getting that! :clap:
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    Muchly appreciated! ;)

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