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  1. sparkling_quavers

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    Having promised BBD's conductor that I would compile a list of christmas music I thought I would turn to tMP for help :D I know it can be difficult to find any DECENT Christmas music but what have you all found that you like? I like Santa Claustrophia (or whatever it is called) and the Snowman. Any newer pieces?
  2. JessopSmythe

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    Frosty the Snowman, if you've got a good Eb Bass or Bass Trom
  3. Janet Watkins

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    For a 'serious' piece:

    A Christmas Overture by John Golland.

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  5. Roger Thorne

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    Have a look at these Rachel.

    Christmas Chimes
    Coventry Carol
    Calypso Carol
    Good King Wenceslas - Euph Solo, Air Varie (free solo part available)
    Jingle Bells Forever
    Jingle Bells Swing

    You can view the scores and listen to the pieces in Full by clicking on the links below.

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    I can recommend the Salvation Armys 'Christmas Marches and Settings' which has 32 titles by such names as Peter Graham, Eric Ball, Les Condon, Ray Steadman-Allen, Ray Bowes and so on.
    The score is £35.00 and parts are £3.50 each so you can buy as many or as few as you need for your particular band.

    We also have limited stocks of the American Band Journal on special offer at £21.99 for score and parts. Some of these are Christmas editions.

    Send me an email or Private Message if you would like some more information.
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  8. Maestro

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    I like the Richard Phillips arrangement of "Who Is He" a lovely euph part, just right for the end of a 2 hour concert.
  9. PeterBale

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    Bill Himes "Three Kings Swing" is a good number to liven up a Christmas concert.
  10. Mike Saville

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    Yeah, and you can repeat the middle section so that you have many solos (not just rep). Works if you have a few 'jazzers' in your band :D
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    A couple of pieces I have played over the last few Christmases are Gaudette arr. Newton and Kingdom Triumphant by Eric Ball which are xmas pieces but can be used all the year round. Same goes for Midnight Sleighride arr. Farr which is very popular (great sop part too). For an ecore Derek Broadbent's Jingle Bells is pretty cheesy but always goes down very well.

    Mark Wears. Pennine Brass.
  12. andywooler

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    Try Mark Freeh's White Christmas.
  13. Aidan

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    4 dances from the nutcracker suite.. top arrangements.. forgot who did them but was commissioned for the brass band of battle creek. Could have been snell :S ?
    That fab arrangement of the snowman (sparke i think)
    broadbents cheesy hoedown version of jingle bells :)
    santaclaustrophobia by sandy smith (its a classic!!!)
    there is a set of christmas carols arranged with fanfare introductions which are decent and work well with choirs too.. dunno who they are by though
    theres a nice flug solo version of away in the manger
    and a classy Eb bass/bass trom solo of frosty the snowman by sandy smith again (written for mark frost ironically ;))

    cant think of any more at the moment. so you're lucky
  14. andywooler

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    more freeh stuff!

    I would guess that would be Mark Freeh's Nutcracker Suite that Battle Creek had - that's also in the Warner catalogue (funnily enough we're doing it at a prom next week!)
  15. Aidan

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    ahh yes thats the one.. snell.. freeh.. sound the same
  16. PeterBale

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    Most of these were originally done by David Willcocks for the Carols for Choirs series, and Ray Steadman-Allen has done the band transcriptions.

    Just one word of warning: only for bands that don't mind lots of sharps :!: :!: :!:
  17. bladder

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    Goff Richards, I believe, with choir?
  18. Aidan

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    and bloody high descant solo horn parts!
  19. bladder

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    ...unison w/sop again...
  20. Mike Saville

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    . . do Sops play anything in unison???? :lol: