Christmas Morning / "Silent Christmas"

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    Greetings - it's nearly here, but I was just sat here wondering if many other bands do what we do each Christmas morning.

    Every year we arise at some ungodly hour and play carols around our village from 4am until 7 whereupon we arrive at the pub to be greeted by Hot Toddys, bacon butties and fresh coffee. It is a tradition of Downton Band here in Wiltshirem and despite the hour we, in the main love doing it.

    Seemingly most people enjoy it in the village too, as it's an accepted tradition now and the one year we did a somewhat drastically edited version of the route we received loads of complaints that we as the band 'hadn't done our duty' in effect!

    Of course a great many of us our out freezing our pipes off in the weeks up to Xmas but my question is do any other bands do this at all on Christmas morning? I only know of one other and I can't remember who it is....

    I believe it is somewhat ironically called Silent Christmas as the band / group simply play a carol and then move on with no introduction, comment or conversation with regard to the performance.

    I'd love to hear from any who do as I'm aiming to write an article for our website:

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    Not saying I necessarily dispprove, but if you tried that round our way, someone would most likely call the police ...
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    Of course, I meant to say "disapprove" ...
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    From 4am to 7am?!?!?

    Eastbourne Silver Band always does a Christmas Concert on Eastbourne Bandstand, at a decent hour on Christmas Day.
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    Christmas Morning

    Since 1901 the Bradwell Silver Band(Milton Keynes) has also played on Christmas morning. We start at 6am with "Christians Awake" and finish at about 9.30. Tradition is that the children of Bradwell are not allowed to open presents until they have heard the band. This is a wonderful tradition and the band are well looked after with drinks and food on their way round. This year will be my 35th year and I hope it will not be so cold and snowy as last year.
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    For those that have done this sort of thing its a great way to celebrate christmas, friends/family, then walking round a village...if its a clear night the sound travels for miles..I can remember one year playing in was about 6.30am..we were playing away in the middle of a verse when this very pale guy dressed in just white running shorts and a vest top power walked his way right through the band without stopping and simply shouted "merry christmas"..needless to say we didnt get to the end of the verse!! I can remember one comment..."has someones turkey has escaped...!?"
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    Rothwell Temperance will be out in and around Rothwell on Christmas Morning. Last year was 17 players with 8 supporters. The band always finish up playing for a penioners' Christmas dinner mid-morning.

  9. This thread brings back very fond memories for me of Christmas mornings with the Cory Band in the 1970's and early 1980's.

    We would always start about 8.30 a.m. with 'Christians Awake', played outside the Pentre Hotel, which was the band's local pub at the time. The landlord, in a fine imitation of Scrooge, would throw open an upstairs window and grumble loudly, before wandering downstairs to serve us with a free drink.

    Then, on our way down Pentre hill to the village of Ton-Pentre, where we would spend three or four hours going from street to street playing carols.

    No matter how busy people were with opening presents or cooking lunch, every street was lined with people coming out to greet us, and it was a fantastically warm experience.

    There were of course plentiful refreshments along the way, mince pies, and the odd glass of something to keep the cold out. Some might say that at the end of one of these mornings the playing might dip very slightly, ever so marginally, below the normal Cory standard, but I'm sure it didn't (hic!)

    Huw Watkins
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    Our Christmas morning Programme kicks off at around 9am

    Carols in the street where the Officers Quarters are..

    On to the Local hospital where we cover all the Wards.

    Then on to our Local Hospice for a short programme with tea n coffee

    Finally on to the Homeless Shelter; then home for Christmas Dinner.

    We used to do the council run Old People homes too, but our council closed them all down.

    I can honestly say that I dont regret or object to a single minute of it.

    I dont know where we will go when the Hospital closes :(
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    We always used to form a scratch-band at my old band-sergeant's place, opposite a working men's club in Pudsey on christmas morning - all former members of YBS Junior band.

    It was nothing formal, just a hatful of carols for the local community, starting about 9am (with 'Christians Awake', same as everyone else seems to open with) in his front yard, then a brandy and some snap inside once we'd finished.

    Alas, no longer a tradition. :(
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    The band I started playing with all those years ago, did Xmas day, Boxing day, New Years day! We took a collection too! Great times.
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    Blackley used to do Christmas morning at Booth Hall Childrens Hospital, until it closed a couple of years ago.
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    All great stories!! If you fancy joining us in Downton this year let us know - (if for no other reason than you're on holiday in the area + the novelty or something etc.): there's a bacon sandwich and a little drop of something at the other end!!

    More stories please!!!

    Have a great Christmas!!