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    Are there any publication`s of Fanfare`s to go with Christmas Carol`s.I would like to get Hark the Herald,O come all ye faithful,plus any other Fanfare`s that might be written.


    The Durecell Bunny M/D
  2. flashbarry

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    I have written 'Two Festive Fanfares' available from Wright and Round which feature Joy to the World and Hark the Herald.

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  3. Aidan

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    there is a series of christmas carols, each introduced by a fanfare...
    forgot who did the series though. We play them all the time at christmas
  4. MoominDave

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    David Willcocks? The Oxford 'Carols for Choirs' series has non-band versions of these, if anyone wants to go back to source.

  5. Aidan

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    yes think it is willcocks
  6. Janet Watkins

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    Are you referring to "Your Favourite Carols" arranged by Ray Woodfield?

    They were published in a red book similar in size to the 'hymn books'.

    Each carol has a fancy intro with a more straightforward optional intro. There is also a an optional intro into the last verse.

    The publisher is Hallamshire Music, but my copies are quite old (pre 01 telephone numbers)

    Just had a quick surf and found the following link:

    Hope this helps.

  7. Aidan

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    nope :p ;)
  8. Brian Kelly

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    I think Aiden is referring to the fanfares from Willcocks' Carols for Choirs, as arranged for brass band by Ray Stadman-Allen, with the approval of the great man himself. I think they are published by Rosehill Music.
  9. Dave Payn

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    Yes, Ray Steadman Allen has scored the David Willcocks fanfares and descants from the Carols for Choirs series and are published with permission from OUP by Rosehill Music. My own personal view having played/conducted a few of them is that maybe they're overscored in band terms. The fanfares and brass accompaniments to the descants that Sir David Willcocks wrote was originally scored for 8 piece brass (4 trumpets, 3 trombones and Tuba) and to my ears, sound a little overblown on a brass band. Having said that, the RSA conversions of the Willcocks descants are certainly a useful addition for band/choir Christmas concerts and the like, but the fanfares to Hark the Herald and O Come will need a fair bit of work for a lot of bands
  10. PeterBale

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    You also need a band that is secure in its intonation and comfortable in sharp keys :wink: :shock: :oops:
  11. The Cornet King

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    Yeh so very true experiences with playing with choirs is that when the choir get slightly out of tune (its never the band! :D ) it usually sounds terrible. Most of th brass band parts are either in 3 or 4 sharps which can get rather tricky at times.
    The fanfares are also very tricky. They tend to get very high in the register and you need a pretty solid front cornet bench. Played well though and they sounds great! :D
  12. Straightmute

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    The Novello Carol Books are also good and contain some elaborate fanfare type accompaniments. Not cheap, in two large books.