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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Barreltone, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. Barreltone

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    I'm looking for a cornet duet for my son and a friend to perform at a school christmas concert. They are both about grade 6 standard. The only things I've found so far are a bit simple. Any ideas?
  2. Robin Norman

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    Curnow Music have just published a Christmas Duet book which you can get for Bb, Eb, C or Bass Clef instruments. It is approximately Grade 4/5 standard (although a couple of carols are slightly easier) and is distributed by De Haske Music.

    Hope that this is of some help.
  3. davidsait

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  4. Barreltone

    Barreltone New Member

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    I already have 'Two for Christmas' from Curnow but was looking for something a bit more demanding. Is this the one you were referring to?
  5. knuxie35

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    Last year a pair of euphers had me arrange them some Christmas music. Since then, I've had success arranging them for any combination you could think of (latest was tuba and bari sax!) The set can be ordered (and heard) here:

    Twelve tunes total! I can have them in your email box today, if desired!

    Ken F.

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