Christmas Carol Arrangements with Descant.

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  1. Chaps and chappesses

    My dad's band is recording a Christmas CD in July (as you do!) and wants to include some carols that have interesting arrangements with a descant. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get hold of some Kosha ones so they can legally record them and then sell on!


  2. Hi Toppy,

    We've got several good arrangements in our catalogue (all kosha! ;-)), I've listed a few below. If you goto the website, you can view each score to get a feel of the piece too. Hope these can help...

    We Wish You A Merry Christmas
    Arr. Stephen Tighe

    This smashing arrangement of the famous tune will leave your audiences wanting more and more at the end of your concerts. Written in the style of a fast Fugue, with some technical challenges, but well worth the effort. An instant hit with players and audiences alike.

    Full score & parts: £12.95

    A Yorkshire Manger
    By William Kirtpatrick

    A new take on an old favourite. Based on the Carol “Away In A Manger”, this arrangement adds a hint of Yorkshire flavour to it with, coupling it with the accompaniments from “Last Of The Summer Wine”. A melodious opening from the horn section, with gentle sleigh bells to help us move along. This is sure to warm the hearts of all the listeners this Christmas.

    Full score & parts: £15.95

    Sussex Carol
    Arr. Stephen Tighe

    A stunning arrangement of this well loved carol, with countermelodies and duplet bell calls, this will have your audiences smiling and swaying. The melody is spread throughout the band, with trios for the trombones, and a glockenspiel part that the percussionists will ravish (although not essential), this really does have all the spirit of Christmas.

    Full score & parts: £17.95

    The First Noel
    Arr. Stephen Tighe

    Every year, bands look for something new for their Christmas programs, well, look no further! This classic carol has been arranged and playable by most standards of bands. Starting with a carillon effect from the cornet section which continues as the melody flows underneath before the whole band join, after which, the piece explodes into a fast lively rock style before returning to a grand finale in the original style. This piece is sure to get your audiences foots tapping!

    Full score & parts: £17.95

    O Holy Night
    By Adolphe Adam

    Arranged for the full band, this timeless classic has something for every player. The arrangement builds all the time to a gorgeous climax, and has an intricate part for the Vibraphone (although this is covered around the band if unavailable). A simple, yet effective arrangement and a pleasure to listen to.

    Full score & parts: £17.95

    A Carol Symphony
    By Victor Hely-Hutchinson

    This movement “Romance” from Hely-Hutchinson’s “Carol Symphony” was used as the theme tune to the BBC’s televisions adaptation of John Edward Masefield story “Box Of Delights”. A superb arrangement for band of a very clever orchestration of popular Christmas carols. An ideal piece for any Christmas concert.

    Full score & parts: £19.95

    The Carol Of The Bells
    By Leontovich

    This famous tune has been arranged as a Vibraphone feature, giving a band the ability to show off their Jazz/Waltz skills. A new take on a very old carol, and certain to entertain the audiences for your Christmas concerts.

    Full score & parts: £17.95

    For more details on these pieces and to see/hear these new releases as well as the rest of our catalogue, please visit our web-site at where you can order online, e-mail to or ring 0785 251 9763
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    i have a number of Christmas carol arrnagments for sale. Please PM me for further details.
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    July is exactly the time to record a Christmas CD, then you can sell it in the run-up to Christmas. If you record it at Christmas it comes out too late!

    When you say "carols with descant" it implies to me that you're thinking not just of fancy arrangements of carols (of which there are loads of legit. ones - check out SP&S as well as the above-mentioned), but specific arrangements, perhaps to use with a choir.

    Brass band arrangements of some of the favourite 'Carols for Choirs' settings (with the well-known descants) are available - I believe from Rosehill publishers, arranged by RSA. But if you are only looking for generic arrangements, the band could do their own; most of the famous carol melodies are long out of copyright.
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    I can thoroughly recommend Paul's arrangements - I've played as well as heard most of them and they're really "top notch" as well as being a little different from the "usual".
  6. Thank you.

    Thanks everyone for your help. I'll pass all this on to my dad and I'm sure they'll find your replies useful.

    Cheers.....and Merry Christmas!

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    April is another favourite.....kind of like getting Easter eggs out at Christmas, but in reverse :biggrin: