Christmas cards?

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  1. Bob Thompson

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    How much will you spend on Christmas cards and postage this year?
    Most likely at least a couple of pounds anyway.
    Why not tell your friends etc that you are not sending them this year, but instead donated the money to Brass Band Aid, ask your friends to do the same.

    If only a hundred people donated thier Christmas card moneys to BBA what a massive difference that would make to the children in Ethiopia this year and what better way of sending a Christmas greeting.
    Its worth a thought at least.

    Many thanks for your support
    Ps donations can be posted to me payable to Brass Band Aid, or made directly on line via the donations section on the BBA website.
    please e mail or send me aprivate message for my postal address
  2. sparkling_quavers

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    a good idea (for next year) could be brass band aid christmas cards? good fund-raising and also advertising/awareness for the project :cool:
  3. Bob Thompson

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    BBA CArds

    Great idea Sparkling!!
    Perhaps we could run a BBA xmas card design competition on tMP,,,

    We are constantly looking for new ideas to raise money for BBA, no matter how whacky they may be, let us know.