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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by vonny, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. vonny

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    After a lot of thought I have decided that I would like to spend christmas and new year overseas. It as been a passion for me to do this but because of my family committments it as been difficult to arrange.
    I feel that christmas for me isn't the same and gone are the days when families unite for this wonderful season.
    Last year I spent christmas with Keely and my mum and older brother. My son spent christmas with his dad and my youngest daughter spent christmas with her auntie. I actually didn't mind because I knew that's what my children wanted to do, but it felt strange because we weren't together as a family.
    This year will be no different so I decided to book 28 nights in India with Keely and we will spend the run up to christmas, christmas day.. and new year celebrating in another culture.
    As anyone here spent time overseas at christmas and new year? I would really love to know what other people's experiences have been.

  2. Will the Sec

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    I went to Cincinnati for two consecutive Christmases.

    I was staying with me (then) girlfriend's family, and was made very welcome.

    Things to watch for: Don't assume that all the public holidays match the UK's! In Cincinnati, Boxing Day was a normal working day, but for (most) stores New Year's Eve was a closing day. Don't drink the water unless your 100% sure it's safe to do so.

    I missed my family on both occasions, but in hindsight, they were two wonderful trips.

    I would make sure you have internet access, and tell your loved ones you'll skype them on Christmas morning UK time.
  3. hellyfrost

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    Yeah I've spent Christmas Day and New Year abroad. Hubby and I went to Spain both times, and told our families to hang on to presents for us and we made a big buffet/dinner when we got back in the new year and invited everyone round.
    Unfortunately, we can't afford to do it this year so instead of upsetting any particular members of our families we're going for a curry together instead, and seeing families the rest of Christmas week.
    I absolutely agree, Christmas isn't what it used to be and my other half feels the same, so it suits us just fine.:icon_biggrin:
  4. DublinBass

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    And you didn't call?!

    I spent new years in the UK once with Baritone..err..EuphoElvis...t'was right fun!!
  5. horn1

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    I spent christmas and new year in Melbourne a few years ago and it was pretty different! We had christmas dinner in the back garden! :) Admittedly I was staying with family, if rather distant family. I did enjoy it though and would definatly think about it again. Luckily Christmas seems to still hold its charm and meaning for my family and friends so I don't feel the need to head off into the unknown. Very jealous about 28 days in India though!
  6. PeterBale

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    I had one Christmas in Wales - does that count ?;)
  7. Ffion Flugel

    Ffion Flugel Member

    That could depend on which part ....
  8. toby-horn

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    I dnt like the idea of spending christmas away from home and family. Even if your in a hot place. But i am sure the factor of getting payed to go would assist me in goin!!
  9. PeterBale

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    . . . it was all of me ;)
  10. Ffion Flugel

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    In that case definitely!
  11. vonny

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    Christmas is a very special time for me and my family and I am certainly not heading off into the unknown. Wherever I am in the world the meaning of christmas will never change to me!

  12. bigmamabadger

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    I spent one Xmas and New Year in Vienna when we were living there.
    It was fantastic, everything looked like Xmas with all the snow, there were street stalls selling hot potatoes and roast chestnuts. In fact it was a bit like stepping into a Dickens novel without the consumptive children and wicked criminals.
    New Year was something else. We went into the centre of Vienna, bu the Stefans Kirche and it sounded like a war zone. Everyone, but everyone was armed with hundreds of little fireworks and they were all throwing them into an enormous circle right next to the cathedral.
    Some naughty little urchins were throwing them at people as well. One young rascal attached one to the back of some woman's fur coat. How we laughed...