Chris Doran scoops “2005 Bandsman of the Year Award”

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    Unfortunately we are experiencing technical difficulties with the Leyland Website and the following news is going unnoticed :(


    The “Wilf Rutter” Trophy was presented to Leyland’s mercurial Eb Tuba player, Chris Doran, at Leyland’s annual concert appearance at the Southport Theatre on Friday 4th November. The trophy was presented on stage in front of the thousand strong audience, which fittingly included Chris’s mother and father, and other members of his family.

    The award, which is voted on by members of the Band, recognizes the person who has made the greatest contribution to the Band’s activities over the last twelve months. This year, all bets were off as Chris was responsible for securing such vital support from Cadbury’s in the pursuit of the National Champions title. However this was far from his only contribution. Chris, who is currently studying in his final year of a four year masters Chemistry course at the University of Manchester, has taken the lead in turning the fortunes of the Band around. In March, following the Band’s impressive retention of the North West Area title, it was Chris who presented a five point plan to not only help sustain the Band, but create the right conditions to move it forward. Chris has also worked tirelessly to bring new players to the Band, and he now works closely with Musical Director Russell Gray on all personnel issues.

    Added to all that, Chris is one of the finest tuba players to have graced Leyland Band. He started playing at his local village band, Hesketh Bank, and has since been a member of the Lostock Hall Memorial Band, Freckleton and Ashton-under-Lyne bands. Lostock Hall seem to have produced many a “bandsman” for Leyland, and Chris is the 5th ex member of Lostock Hall Band to receive the “Wilf Rutter” Trophy, following Brian Heyes, Trevor Wallbank (ex-solo trombone), Gary Westwood, and Dave Bamber (ex-2nd Horn). He has also been part of Young Lancashire Brass set up for 9 years, being tutored by Andy Cattanach and undertaking many anecdotal tours throughout Europe.

    With all that the only question is why is he not studying for a music degree! Many congratulations to Chris, along with the thanks of everyone at Leyland for all the hard work he does. There is no more deserving person to receive the award.
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    Congratulations Chris, well done.
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    In that case, I'll move it to our User-Submitted News section, so it appears on our Portal, which will give it a bit more prominence, as happens with all our user news items!

    Congratulations Chris - thoroughly deserved.
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    ^Thank you
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    Well done mate, very much deserved.

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    Well done Chris, you're a clever boy!

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    Congrats Chris...well deserved. Certainly is a memorable year for you!!
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  9. Congratulations hunnybunch! You're a wee star of the sparkly variety!
    Much love Han xx
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    Well done DT! Give that man a chocolate light sabre ;)

    Your bro's not a bad lad either.
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    :clap: Congrats Chris. Very well deserved!! :clap:
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    Nice 1! well done!
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    [​IMG]Well Done Matey.Your a star! [​IMG]
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    Well done Chris, every band should have somebody like you!
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    Yup huge congrats you thoroughly deserve it. Hope this positive streak for the band continues for a long time.

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    Now you have 2 big shiny cups to clean.

    Spot on,
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    Well Done Darth, very well deserved. Every band needs a Mr Doran. :clap: