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Discussion in 'tMP Library' started by TheMusicMan, Feb 15, 2004.

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    Hi All

    One for all budding our young composers, school and college students, and the likes of me... :)

    I came across this fantastic link which explains all about chords and their progressions. In simple terms, it explains all about how chords are structured and how they fit together with other chords. There are printable images that show the complete progressions of chords of all keys, the chords associated with al keys etc... take a look.
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    brilliant as a "young" :wink: composer. this will come in well handy
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    We spend so much time as budding composers learning rules that we sometimes forget that the really great writers often break them. Nobody ever teaches you how to do that do they!?
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    I always refer interested musicians to visit the Dolmetsch online site with it's excellent resources regarding music theory and application (and it's free). It is always handy to investigate why rules are broken and a newer form of music is generated. Within this site, you can get an overview of major changes that academics and composers made throughout history with a perspective of what cultural events led to them.
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    A very brief tour of 20th C. music, yet still informative, I found at this link below ...

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