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  1. gcbtrom

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    No, not the Chinse kind...

    Listening to DocFox brass station and heard an advert about chopsticks.

    What do they actually do and how do you use them?? Been to their website but no real explanation of what you actually do with them.

    Are they any good? Do they actually work?
  2. impycornet

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    They seem to be an updated take on the old 'hold a pencil between your lips excrcise' - often advocated by Mr David James.

    Seems expensive when compared to the cost of a pencil -- a bit more hygenic though possibly !!

    As for the increasing weights available - it is probably the same as working up from a pencil to a biro and on to a solid gold space pen !!!!
  3. gcbtrom

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    So do you just hold one between your lips and wobble it up and down?
  4. DMBabe

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    Nope the trick is to try and keep it horizontal..... and its really tiring!;) start with an ikea pencil or a bookie/argos pen then get bigger. Not that I'm advocating theft.....
  5. gcbtrom

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    O....k then.... Sound like the weirdest thing ever - must be pretty weird even for me!
  6. DMBabe

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    First time I knew there was a product....... I was taught with a pencil/pen. Works but is way harder than it sounds. Save ur cash!!!
  7. steve butler

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    That does sound a bit like me trying to eat my chinese with chop sticks :biggrin:
  8. DocFox

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    These really are well designed. First, it is BASED on the pencil exercise. But the basic set comes in different weights so you can move up. Made from stainless steel (much more sanitary) and if you get the "pro" set, it has even MORE weights.

    It really is weight lifting for your embouchure. You can do it while driving, watching TV, reading, working on the computer. It also comes with an exercise book.

    Thems the facts, babes and blokes.

    Personally, I ordered a set 5-6 years ago. If I don't get a chance to play as much as I would like, I tend to play off-center. Chop-Sticks corrected my embouchure problems in a hurry. They are a little pricy, but for what you get (compared to other things we buy as musicians) I feel they have real value.

    Right now, due to a lung disease I had, I use Chop-Sticks and I buzz with a BERP and I feel my embouchure is staying in decent shape.

    If you teach, Chop-Sticks will get young students right on track from the beginning. People will buy £300 Monette mouthpieces and complain about £25 (or so) training aids.

    If you play more than two hours a day, you are ready for the pro set. You can buy the regular set and upgrade to a pro set anytime.

    Back when I was teaching (again, before getting ill) I STRONGLY advised students to buy them. I kept them in stock (they discount them if you buy two or more and are a teacher).



    Besides, Julie, the owner, sponsors the station. Without the sponsors I could not go it alone.

  9. petere963

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    " You can do it while driving, watching TV, reading, working on the computer" - wait for the Health and Safety warnings to start being posted!

    Sounds like a useful tool - and something yuo can do anywhere - maybe not driving tho'(!)
  10. DocFox

    DocFox Retired

    I get a little "perturbed" when people say use a pen/pencil and save your money. This is so far advanced that the pencil method doesn't even compare. You want "chops of steel?" -- well, buzzing, and Chop-Sticks will go a long way in helping.

    Julie is a nice lady at Chop-Sticks and it is not very expensive to send something weighing less than a pound to the UK. If you order some, you might pick up up some of her new Musician's Lip Butter too. It would be money well spent.

    I was thinking (I know, a dangerous thing) that if the pencil method worked so well, every smoker would have great chops (bad wind maybe). But they do not. This is an advanced weight lifting program for your embouchure.

  11. lynchie

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    I used to do this with a pencil a few years back, usually when I was bored at work. Can't do it now because my desk faces someone else, and they'd think I'd gone mental. It is a good work out though.

    Can't comment on this professional version, but I haven't brought a gadget since I got one of those breathing resistance things and used it about 5 times.
  12. DMBabe

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    Would I spend £300 on a mouthpiece? Would I heck as like! Mind u I have fairly strong chops and don't blame my mouthpiece when things go wrong like some do.....maybe I'm lucky that I don't have a problem using generic mouthpieces that cost £30?

    But smokers don't spend ages fixating on the angle their fag is hanging at...... and as for the wind, take it u were taught a different technique to me???;)
  13. DocFox

    DocFox Retired

    True, smokers do not worry about the angle. But as for "bad wind" I don't know anywhere that still proclaims that smoking is good for your wind (or lungs). I was in the hospital for 11 days for a lung disease and never smoked a day in my life. Good thing. I would be dead today (probably a few on this board that might wish that had happened. ;) )

    I suppose if you are a smoker, you could go out for a smoke and claim you are working on your embouchure :rolleyes:

  14. DMBabe

    DMBabe Supporting Member

    :clap: Another great example of things getting lost in translation in the trip over the atlantic!! By "wind" I meant what u guys refer to as "Gas"!! Now you get my concern re technique???:lol:
  15. The Wherryman

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    I've tried this link and it isn't working - nor can I get on the site directly :(
  16. DocFox

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    Works fine for me. Maybe an internet SNAFU. But it seems to be working now.

  17. The Wherryman

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    There's obviously a glitch somewhere. I've tried via Google and I've even copied and pasted the web-address from the original advert on tMP in 2007. Ho, hum :-?
  18. DocFox

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  19. The Wherryman

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    On the former I get "Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server." and on the latter"Not Found The requested URL /Chop-Sticks/ was not found on this server".

    Jim, perhaps you are accessing pages from your browser's cache.

    I give up.
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    I can get on it fine - try deleting all cookies/files/history on your net Wherryman.