Chop-Sticks™ Strengthening Program using Lip Weights

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    My name is Julie Patton, Owner of Liemar Technologies LLC in the US. I am a new member and I wanted to let you know that we offer products for brass players and teachers. We have a book and CD-ROM series Maximizing Your Studio's Potential™ (which is for brass lessons high school through college here in the states), natural lip care, mouthpiece bags, even cell phone bags, but our best selling item is Chop-Sticks™, an embouchure strengthening program which has been shown to be beneficial for endurance, control and range for brass players. The 15 minute per day routine uses small lip weights and exercises that are easy enough to do anywhere. Improvements in as little as 2 weeks have be reported. Super convenient to use if you are traveling or can't practice due to injury. Materials were tested at the University of Arizona, and comments from music celebs can be found at our website.

    For as little as 29.95(USD) and around 8.50(USD) in shipping you could be on your way to stronger chops in 10 days when it is delivered. Easy and secure online ordering will convert to US dollars when you use your MC/VISA card. Andrew Berryman has been a great supporter of Chop-Sticks™, hope you will check it out for yourself at

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