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Discussion in 'The Auditorium - Concert Details' started by Maestro, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. Maestro

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    On Friday 2nd January, Staines Brass played at a concert in The Symphony Hall Birmingham to over 2000 people.
    The concert was organised and compered by Atarah Ben Tovin MBE, to promote music to the younger generation.
    Under the direction of Major Ian MacElligott, the band played a wide range of pieces such as Post Horn Galop, The British Grenadiers, Helter Skelter, Can Can and the Finale from William Tell.
    After the concert, members of the band were in the entrance hall to demonstrate the instruments to memebers of the audience.
  2. Seedhouse

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    Sounds like a very good idea! How many bands do this kind of thing?
  3. Maestro

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    No idea how many other bands do this type of concert, but that was the second one that we have done with Atarah. The first one was last year at the Royal Festival Hall.
  4. James Yelland

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    Great idea, prestigious venue, celebrated conductor - well deserved congratulations all round . But what a pity the choice of music showed such a lack of imagination. The pieces you mention will reinforce the feeling amongst most lay concert-goers that the brass band is stuck firmly in the 19th Century! :) Surely we can find less hackneyed items than these in our repertoire to present to kids?
  5. Brian Bowen

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    In the January issue of “Gramophone” there are two very stimulating letters from readers (one of whom is 15 years old) on introducing good music to youngsters. I would urge those interested in this vital subject to read them. (Both letters are from the USA so I hope they’re in the UK edition.)
  6. lynchie

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    Is this the "Primary Proms" concert?

    I did that with YB2K a couple of years ago, and it was a very fun experience. Seems the kids still love a bit of spice girls!
  7. Straightmute

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    For our next concert we're presenting a 'matinee' in addition to the evening performance, to attract children and older people who don't like to be out late. Tickets for the matinee are cheaper but the programme will be the same as the evening performance - with the possible exception of the soloists.

    From my own limited experience I've found that children are quick to realise if they're being offered something second rate or watered down and will respond accordingly. In any case I'd like to hope that our programme will cater for all tastes...


    PS Why are afternoon concerts called matinees???
  8. Dave Payn

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  9. Maestro

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    The music wasn't chosen to impress the audience, or to show off the band's talent as such, but was chosen by Atarah to introduce children to music and the fun that they can have making music, and judging by the response we got, it was well picked. If you had attended the concert and seen for yourself the way it was presented, you would have realised that there was certainly no lack of imagination!
    Young children respond better to things that they know, understand and participate in easily.
  10. Cornet014

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    Hi! at Christmas time a group of around 12 of us go to a local School for handicapped children and we play in their assembly and they love it. We hand out percussion for them to bang n bash but as far as we no they really enjoy it!

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