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    I've sent a PM to John but for anyone who's interested!

    Declarations linked to sponsored events
    3.15.5 The money raised from a sponsored event does not belong to the individual who has
    been sponsored and is not his or hers to give as a Gift Aid payment. However, it is
    possible for the individual amount raised from each sponsor to count as a Gift Aid
    donation from that sponsor.

    3.15.6 The person being sponsored may ask the sponsors to make a separate declaration to
    the charity for which he or she is raising the money – this is likely to be on a one-off
    donation type of declaration supplied to the participant by the charity.

    3.15.7 Alternatively, it is possible for charities to design a sponsorship form that can also be
    used as a joint declaration form. The suggested format is for the declaration to be
    placed at the head of each sheet, with each sponsor being able to opt to have his or her
    sponsorship money paid to the charity as a Gift Aid donation by, for example, ticking a
    box. The recommended method is to have the following boxes below the declaration for
    each sponsor to complete:
    • Sponsor’s full name
    • Home address, including post code
    • Amount pledged
    • Amount collected
    • Date collected
    • Tick box to have amount treated as a Gift Aid donation.
    The date when the sums collected were handed over to the charity should also be
    entered on the form. A copy of a model Gift Aid sponsored event form can be found at
    Appendix B2.

    3.15.8 The details outlined in the first three bullets above would be collected from the sponsors
    by the participant prior to the event, with the other details being entered on the form
    when the money is collected. Where a sponsor form is being passed around a
    workplace some donors may be reluctant to give their full home address. In these
    circumstances we are prepared to accept that the home address has been provided if
    donors enter, as a minimum, the name and number of their home, and their postcode.

    3.15.9 The participant will need to ensure, if the money collected is banked in his/her own
    account before a cheque is sent to the charity, that the sum on the cheque matches the
    amount collected on the sponsorship forms so that the charity is provided with a clear
    audit trail.
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    I have changed my form so instead of having two columns of sponsors it only has one but with enough room for an 'address' box and a 'claim tax relief' box.

    Hope this is okay to do....
  3. Di B

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    Another question.... we need to bring the money with us on the day?

    I have already gone around my office and it has been stated that 'money usually doesn't change hands until after the event' so I am not sure what to say or do. Should we suggest we are collecting donations rather than being sponsored??
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    This was a bit of a problem for me to, most people so far have give the money up front, and others will be giving it nearer the date.
    I just explained what we were doing, what we are doing it for, and that a check would be given to CiN on the day. this seemed to satisfy everyone.
    I also printed of the post that Roger posted last night, about the etails of the day, and took that around wih me.
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    Just so as I know, are you going to re-do the official form with a Gift Box or do we need to adapt our own like Di B?
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    as of this moment, we don't think we'll be putting the gift-aid box. There's a bunch of legalities and red-tape, and we're no experts on that (yet)

    We'd also encourage you not to alter the form.

    more anon..
  7. Di

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    Okie dokie, just that folks at work were asking.
  8. Di B

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    Now you tell me! :roll:

    I am an accountant (dogsbody!) by trade and understand a lot of the details with personal taxation anyway, so I think the form is suitable to claim gift aid.... IMHO I don't think it will hurt to try - at the end of the day the money is still being collected.

    I assume it isn't a problem now to use the adapted forms? I am halfway down mine and I know Kirstie is using the same form as myself....

    Not wanting to encourage others to do it, but I assume that although not perfect, the form is still valid and will not be a problem with CiN will it?

    If it will, please do answer asap as I don't want to have to ask all my sponsors to re-sponsor unless necessary if you know what I mean!!

    I'll stop trying to be clever from now on.... it hurt using my one brain cell anyway..... :idea: :wink:
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    Sorry about that Di..
    Just that you were so quick off the mark..

    Kudos for the ideas, it's a great one - but I think the main problem is that tMP is not a registerd charity, and the scheme in question only works for direct-to-charity contributions. The thoughts of trying to keep track of all the tax numbers etc etc are a nightmare.

    anyway - carry on with the form for now.. I'm sure one of the resident experts will pipe up if there's a problem with it..

    but, anyone else, please don't alter the form..
  10. Di B

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    Thanks for that I know its usually the guys who are quick! :lol: :lol:

    If the sponsor form is given to Children in Need with a cheque to Children in Need though it *might* be acceptable - not too sure about the third party cheque situation though (ie me-tMP-CiN)

    Whatever, as long as I can keep collecting its fine by me! :lol:

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    If you collect all the money in, can you not just claim gift aid on the cheque you send off to CiN?
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    i'm having real problems downloading the sponsership form - well i can downlaod it just comes out with weird symbols - can anyone help?
  13. neiltwist

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    you need acrobat.
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  15. neiltwist

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    ... not me Neil..? or are you asking someone else?

    It is a whapping 15MB though so you might like to look on some of those old CD's you have obtained free with PC Buyer, Computer Shopper etc.. Adobe Acrobat Reader is often found on those CD's.

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    sorry meant euph bari, apparently it said it had been corrupted when it was unpacking after the download
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    I'm no expert, but the Gift Aid pledge is an arrangement between the donor and the tax authorities, although the example posted asked for endorsement by the receiving charity. This is one of the difficulties when acting through a third party. Equally, there can be majoir problems if an individual ticks the Gift Aid option but has not paid sufficient tax - they are personally liable for any redress by Inland Revenue.

    As we said, it's complicated :!:
  19. Euph-Bari

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    thanks , i've sorted it out with dyl now - he sent me it in a different format or sumthing (i havn't a clue)