Childhood Cancer Concert

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    The West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Band are performing a charity concert in aid of the Neil Project. Neil was the son of a friend of mine who lost the fight to leukaemia at the age of nine. His parents want to give life enhancing days out to other children that are suffering or who have suffered with childhood cancers.

    For children on treatment for cancer the psychological, emotional and even physical benefit that time away from the confines of a hospital bed achieves, is something of immeasurable value.

    The concert is taking place on the 12th April 2008 at Cleckheaton town hall.

    for Tickets call Andy 01845 525693 or email

    The money raised will make a child's life better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    There Is Less Than 50

    Tickets For This Concert.

    tickets Are ""free""
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    last push

    Well my last push didnt work, there was about 50 empty seats out of 500. The band played the best i have heard them yet. The band raised some cash and also raised the profile of the Neil Project.

    A big thank you to everone who came to this concert.

    If you missed it and would still like to help the Neil Project, please PM and i will point you in the right direction.

    Once again many thanks.