Chester Festival of Music (28/04/07)

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  1. Are any other TMP'ers going to play at Chester Festival of Music - Audley are sending their training band to play in the brass band section (I'm conducting) - just wondering whether anyone else is going???
  2. super_sop

    super_sop Supporting Member

    yup, i think i'm going
  3. The brass (band) section starts at 5:30pm. This will be the first contest that a lot of the training band have ever attempted (not to mention the first time I've conducted a contest piece).

    Would be great if any TMP'ers could turn up and give us some support

  4. andreab

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    Good luck to you all!

  5. super_sop

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    Well i went, I was helping out Ifton band.
    it is a very well run contest, and an ideal opertunity for training or non contesting bands in the area to get in a bit of contest work.

    I'd just like to say well done to all of the bands, especially Ifton Who walked away with the winning shield and 50 quid.
    well done everybody:tup

  6. andreab

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    Well done to Audley 96 Training Band on their first ever competition!

    And well done to all the other bands who participated too, there had obviously been a lot of hard work put into these performances. Lots of children there, which is always great to see.
  7. Full Results: -

    1 - Ifton Band (88 points)
    2 - Birkenhead Interschools (87 points)
    3= - Audley Traing Band (85 points)
    3= - Porthywaen Youth Band (85 points)

    Well done all
  8. cornetblower

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    Well done Ifton
  9. rosemj2

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    We're all chuffed to pieces with the result here at Ifton. It's been a bit of a struggle here over the last few years but hopefully we're making progress and can attract a few more established players along the way. Our next contest will be Wychavon, although there are murmours about us going to the Whit Friday Marches. :eek: We've got the drinking off to a fine art it's just the playing that we need concentrate on now!
  10. AudleyBrass

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    Well done Ifton, those of us that were there with Audley 96 Training Band enjoyed hearing your band play. Probably see you all at Wychavon and Whit Friday Marches, which are our main band's next contests too.
  11. super_sop

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    would somebody be able to forward some details for this festival please. I am very interested in taking our youth band along next year.