Chepstow Town Band Annual Summer School 2006

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    Chepstow Town Band, are once again holding their annual band school at St Arvans, St Arvans Village Hall, Chepstow, and extend a warm welcome to any player both young and not so young from neighbouring bands, who may wish to come along and take part.

    The course will run from 29th to the 31st August 2006. The times are from 09:45 – 16:00 on the first day and 10:00 to 16:00 on the remaining two days.

    The musical director for the course is Gareth Ritter

    Booking forms are downloadable on the band website at see events and engagements page. In addition to any further contacts
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    all the best john with the course, many memorys from going back and forth to them when I was young!!
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    Hey John - do you know what music is being covered?. I am tempted to go depending on the music choices.
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    At lot will depend on the people who come along to the course. I spoken with Gareth Ritter and he will bring a wide seletion of music plus there wil be music from our own library. Consequently the music being played will be to match course personnel.

    For any who does not know Gareth he is very very good, and gives everyone confidence to blow. He will not undermine peoples confidence.

    The usual format is to learn 3 or 4 testing peices, then fill with "Fete" stuff to perform an end of course concert.
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    I remember conducting Gareth myself when he played for Blaina band for a short while... think it was when the area piece was Kennelworth... not sure. Say hi from me yeah.
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    Bring some friends with you.
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    I have added a link to multi map on the "events and engagements" page of the Chepstow Town Band web site showing where St Arvans is.
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    Nice to see the sight up and running again but weres the ex members page!! Im sure we have a few imbarasin photo's from my many years there as a youngster which Ill ask mother to dig out so I can male to you.
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    Just for you James I will see what we can do.
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    If you have any news of the band that you would like published in the News Reporter section of tMP please pass any information my way and I will sort it out for you. That goes for any Welsh band out there, send me your news and I will endeavour to get it posted......will even write the article for you!! :tup ;)
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    I have spoken with Gareth, and we are going to try and do Dimensions by Peter Graham.

    Other Pieces may include
    Breezing Down Broadway
    Little Prayer
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