cheese...and cake?!!!!!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Rambo Chick, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. Rambo Chick

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    Forgive me if this exists in Britain, but I have discovered a most delicious cake down under in sunny (well not so at the moment) New Zealand!

    wait for it....

    Banana Cake! MMMMMMMM. its yummy!

    Banana and cake?! yeah ok, it doesn't sound so ridiculous now I read it but I thought I'd share it with you anyway!:biggrin:

    Can any tMPers recommend any other tasty food combinations that you just wouldn't think would go?!
  2. Di B

    Di B Member

    I believe I have had a slice of banana cake in the past and agree with your sentiments! Carrot cake is the one that always seems wrong to me even though its nice. Chips and cheese has become popular in the uk recently and of course there is the infamous battered mars bar but I have never tried one so I cant say if it is good or not! A personal favourite is plain crisps and salad cream :)
  3. Bass Man

    Bass Man Active Member

    I really like carrot cake. I cant get over cheese and chips, it just sounds vile, but to make it worse, people have begun to add garlic or chili sauce on to it - Yak
  4. vonny

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    In the Dominican Republic they have a speciality called Banana pie - it's lasange with banana on top rather than cheese. I did try it whilst I was there in January and it was quite nice!
  5. Hells Bones

    Hells Bones Active Member

    Cheese and chips is gorgeous! First time I had that was at the Manchester Commonwealth Games.

    One thing I like on my sarnies is Cheese and Jam. People think me really weird when they see me put them together. They refuse to try it even though I tell them it's nice and they can see me eating it.
  6. smiler_38

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  7. Bass Man

    Bass Man Active Member

    I love cheese and jam sandwiches, mmmmmmmm!
  8. JesTperfect!

    JesTperfect! Member

    It actually is quite nice, believe it or not. And so healthy..........

    Not Yak. Yum.

    I have developed a stange liking for Oreos and Peanut Butter. Delicious, if you don't actually think about what you're putting in your mouth!
  9. leisa

    leisa Active Member

    Are you actually kidding?

    Cheese and chips is the best invention ever especially with gravy, chilli sauce or donner meat and mayonnaise - yum!
  10. animal.22

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    Try this on for size :-
    Peanutbutter and Marmite. Delish :biggrin:
    Cheese and Marmite. Yummy :biggrin:
    Ham and Peanutbutter. Gorjus :biggrin:
    Peanutbutter and Jam. MMMMMM (sorry but there's no smiley for licking lips :( )
  11. Even nicer if you use a sweet cream cheese and a real sour blackcurrant jam!!!!:p
  12. Bass Man

    Bass Man Active Member

    I'm not kidding. Cheese and chips is just a combination that really doesnt appeal to me.
  13. leisa

    leisa Active Member

    Have you ever tried it? If not try it, i bet you'll like it! Its only like having cheese and a jacket potatoe...
  14. VenusTromster

    VenusTromster Member numpty!! lol, does that mean the cake is healthy as well as it has fruit in it???:p

    Anyho, I agree with Leisa, yay to chips and cheese with garlic mayo!!!:clap:
  15. Zeek

    Zeek Member

    There was one combonation i had whilst in germany, cheese and toast with a pineapple ring and jam which was a bit odd, but alright, but a favourite snack that i like to have is a meat and potato pie in a warburtons muffin (or roll depending on what u call it), and one u should try as well is a pepperoni pzza with garlic butter on it is very tasty, a must try!
  16. Zeek

    Zeek Member

    Chips and cheese is very very nice with a bit of mayo or red sauce as well, but also if u have it with gravy it is very scrummy!
  17. leisa

    leisa Active Member

    normal mayo for me! im not a fan of garlic mayo. And of course cake is healthy with banana in, its like carrot cake, the carrots balance out the bad bit....

    Zeek, all your suggestions sound lovely except for the pinapple bit, im not a fan of pinapple on savoury things like pizza as wekll, it just seems wrong!
  18. sunshine

    sunshine Member

    Banana cake and carrot cake are both yummy, I have a friend who makes, wait for it ..... corguette cake and it is delicious. Lovely and moist - no need for too much sugar because corguettes are naturally sweet (like carrots) so it's reasonablly healthy - as cakes go.

    As for cheesy chips - mega yum. My local pub serves them as a side order.

    Sunshine x
  19. Liz Loftus

    Liz Loftus Member

    I was just going to mention that - I make courgette cake. Fed it to some builders we had working on the house and they kept coming back for more. Didn't like to tell them what was in it ;)
  20. Zeek

    Zeek Member

    I have had beetroot chocolate cake once it was very nice

    it doesnt taste of beetroot, my gf mum uses it instead of some other ingrediant, so it is heatly, and still taste chocolatey