Cheeky Beggars!

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    <Rant start>

    I've been off work the last coupe of days with a streaming cold (yeh I know I'm a bloke and I'm dying ...) anyway yesterday I get a phone call from someone from the Royal Festival Hall, interesting I thought, I wonder if they want us to play or something, so I let the guy speak. Now I've been to the Festival hall maybe twice in my lifetime so I'm not exactly what you'd call a regular so I;m slightly confused when this bloke whitters on about how it's currently closed for referbishement and what did I think of the facilities, ah a customer survey thinks I, OK so I chatted to him and told him they needed some more Brass Bands down there :icon_cheesygrin: . All this lasts for about 5-10 mins of chatting then....

    Here comes the punchline!.....

    After a bit he mentions that this is all being done with a lottery grant (alarm bells start ringing at this point) and how they need to raise about a third of the money beforehand and (and this was slipped in really quickly) "would I like to donate £5 a month!". ... <click>.... cheeky sods!

    Perhaps it's just me but I'd much rather see the extortonate amounts of money spent on that particular cash cow go towards free music lessons for kids rather than lining the pockets of the already too affluent elite! Wasn't it the Festival Hall who wanted to put up the rent for the Millenium Wheel by some ridiculous amount?

    <Rant over>

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