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    This is loosely based on the card game.

    The idea being that one post follows another but there should be some sort of connection.

    However any post can be challenged for accuracy, connection etc etc. Whoever is correct gets to restart with their choice of word(s). The vanquished slinks off to try again.

    You can post pictures, you can be inventive but you may need to delve. You can be completely honest, or double bluff, lie, fib or cheat, so it may not suit everyone or indeed any bandspersons.
  2. David Evans

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    Black Dyke's first rehearsal following their successful disqualification
  3. wife divine

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    CHEAT !!! Dyke never held rehearsals in Nevada even as far back as 1953.

    However, being from Yorkshire, back in the fifties one of their members was a professional cricketer who formed part of the England team who were worthy winners of the Upshot - knothole test series.
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  5. wife divine

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    Indeed it is.

    The name Knotty Ash means that there was a knotty ash growing in that place. It is also famous for having the shortest people in the UK residing there.
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    [​IMG]Ken Dodd circa 1957
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    Hmm...not too sure if this is a pic of Ken Dodd although he did play the guitar, that does look like part of a Liverpool housing estate and the chap is about the right age and appearance so I will give you the benefit of the doubt.

    The Liverpool group 'The Scaffold' had a hit with the song 'Thank U Very Much'. One of the lines is 'Thank you very much for the Aintree Iron' So what is 'the Aintree Iron' ?
    It's quite simple. It refers to a building on the Aintree hospital site which was formerly the sanitorium for the city.
    In the late 19th and early 20th centuries several infectious diseases were prevelent in Britain and as Liverpool is on the coast many foreign sailors arrived here in an infectious state making cross-infection a major problem for the residents of the city. There wasn't enough wards at the existing sanitorium to cope with the amount of people requiring hospitalization and it was vital that they were admitted to prevent diseases spreading and becoming out of control but there was no time to build extra wards in the normal way. The local authority bought and erected an iron building in a sort of kit form which could be assembled quickly and immediately. Only one extra building was ever needed and on the old hospital site deeds it is referred to as 'the Aintree Iron hospital' and more commonly known as 'The Aintree Iron' and was apparently used to house people diagnosed with smallpox. It was indeed a Godsend in helping to prevent the spread of the disease in Liverpool and quite fitting for it to be mentioned in the song.

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