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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by paul hardwick, Apr 18, 2019.

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    ripley, Derbyshire
    As i have mentioned i got a Bach Strad at silly money, but the plating was bad and its between 400/550 to get it re plated, i found on the bay a solution called nushine silver plating solution at £15 and it works, after a few hours i have my strad about 99% plated, just thought i would share a cheap way to re plate an instrument.
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    I'm glad you had good results although it's not 'replating' as in the traditional way. It will be interesting how long the product lasts for especially the more you play the trumpet. I saw a lot of mixed reviews on Amazon about this product.

    This reviewer also tried to 'plate' a brass instrument -

    Amazon review
    1.0 out of 5 starsUseless product
    25 November 2014
    Verified Purchase
    No good!
    I bought this to repair a worn patch on a silvered brass instrument. The silver had worn down where I hold the instrument leaving an oval a little larger than a two pence piece with the brass showing around the edges. I thoroughly cleaned and degreased the area and applied several layers of Nushine over a period of hours, buffing lightly between applications. I did not get a shine, just a dull grey finish. The Nushine coating wore away after about one hours playing. I repeated the whole process giving extra care to the preparation. Still no shine and wore off again As soon as I started playing.

    In essence - a totally useless product. Thought I'd save myself £500.00 having my instrument resilvered but instead, including postage, wasted a few pence short of £14.00, (and a few hours work).
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