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  1. does anyone know where i can order in bulk and fairly cheap 25 bottles of valve oil as im going to get 1 bottle for every one in the band as im sick off people having sticky valves and wasting during rehersals borrowing other peoples
  2. Rapier

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    Cheap oils aren't worth the money. And if people aren't oiling, when needed now, what makes you think they will when you've bought them oil?

    Ask Will Spencer how much he would do 25 bottles of his Snake Oil for. The best oil I've ever used. Rarely need to use it. ;)
  3. BigHorn

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    I think a lot of nonsense is talked about oils. People who say this one is better than that one are almost always just expressing a personal preference with no scientific reasoning behind it.
    Valve oil is basically a refined light machine oil. Many other machines with small moving parts use light oil such as sewing machines etc.
    I am pretty sure that a suitable oil could be sourced that would do the job just as well and that is a fraction of the price of what brass players play.
    Some brass instrument oils are £5 or more for a 25ml bottle. Thats £200 a litre or over £900 a gallon.:eek:
    We once had a litre spray bottle of light machine oil in the bandroom that lasted years and did the job perfectly - don't know where it came from but I doubt if it cost £200 - more likely someone aquired it from their workplace.

    Anybody else get their oil from sources other than a music shop?
  4. andywooler

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    I buy mine from Sharin McCallum - she sells one that's cheap and one that isn't. When I asked her which she would use, she sold me the cheap one.
    Enough said - contact her on 01580 713901and give her my regards when you do!
  5. TheMusicMan

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    Look up Pollard valve oil...
  6. Di

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    Hmm, not too sure this would solve the problem as you see it. If you buy 25 bottles and hand them out, people are just going to put them away in their cases, then when they actually need it, will still either have to ask someone who has got theirs out or have to nip out to their case to get theirs. Either way, it'll still be just as time consuming. :-?
  7. TheMusicMan

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    Get a few bottles of this installment tied to a few strategically placed stands around the bandroom.
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    Some options
    1 - Start being more insistent that everyone uses their own oil - if their instrument isn't working it is their responsibility to make sure it is - it is not your reponsibility to supply valve oil for them.
    2 - Have two oils in your case - one decent (Snake Oil, for example) and one that is terrible - only give out the terrible one. They soon catch on to the idea and start getting their own.
    3 - Barbecue lighter fluid (don't knock in until you have tried it - you could be very surprised)
    4 - Ask Will Spencer for a bag of Snake Oil sample bottles and make sure that everyone has one (he normally gives these out for free) - if they like it, they can get their own bottles, rather than use yours.
  9. WoodenFlugel

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    I'd echo the comments about Snake Oil in this thread (and others!), I switched earlier this year and I find it superb stuff.

    Personally though I don't see how supplying people with valve oil will improve the situation. If they refuse to oil their valves, then they simply won't oil them even if you provide oil for them to use. As most instruments come supplied with valve oil I'd wager most of these people have a bottle of the stuff in the darkest corners of their case anyway, so the only things you'll achieve by doing this is double the quantity of unused valve oil in each case, and lighten your pocket by a few quid!

    Maybe its better to give them all some info on correct instrument maintainance, because if the instruments are not being oiled regularly then I very much doubt they are being cleaned either - which IMO is a more fundimental problem than a sticky valve.
  10. brittm

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    It looks like everyone else has said it, I don't know about buying the band's oil supply but I wouldn't use anything other than Will Spencer's Snake oil, it's very quick and lasts forever..