Chatham Citadel Band 'at home' with David Childs

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    Chatham Citadel Band will present an 'at home' concert on Saturday 16th September 2006 at The Salvation Army Citadel, Church Street, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4BS commencing at 7pm.

    As with many Salvation Army bands, Chatham Band can be heard taking part in Sunday worship meetings in the Citadel but doesn't often perform a concert at the same venue.

    2006 is the 125th anniversary year of Chatham Citadel Band and this evening is a celebration of that milestone.

    The band are excited to announce that the special guest for the evening will be none other than David Childs. David will be presenting the solos Brillante, Home on the Range, Abide with Me (arr. Rodney Newton) and I'll Walk with God (arr. Christian Jenkins). David will be joined by Chatham Band euphoniumist Adrian Horwood for a performance of the euphonium duet Timepiece.

    The band will be presenting a cross-section of music representative of the different styles of Salvation Army brass band music over their 125 year history; Departed Heroes (Bramwell Coles), Exodus (Eric Ball), My Master's Will (Wilfred Heaton), Milestone (William Himes), A Fanfare of Praise (Robert Redhead) and Celebration Overture (Martin Cordner).

    Ticket information to follow.
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    The band's other guest will be baritone vocalist Mark Norwood. Mark is a lifelong Salvationist brought up through the Sunday school and into 'Senior Soldiership' at the Reading Central Corps. Mark came under the influence of singing in the family home and, at the age of sixteen, decided to join the rest of the family and, instead of hiding behind his trombone, sing! After initially qualifying as a Chartered Surveyor, Mark entered the Guildhall School of Music and Drama studying with one of the country's finest tenor singers, the late William McAlpine.
    Over the last few years Mark has concentrated his singing within The Salvation Army and was a soloist with the International Staff Songsters for three years. Mark is married to Alison and they have two lovely children, Tom (age 6) and Ella (age 4). mark and his family attend the Bromley Temple Corps where he is the Deputy Songster Leader.

    Tickets wiil be available on the door priced £6 or £20 for a group of £4.
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    This is tonight people! I'm just setting off now to get there late methinks!! Tarra!
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    Not sure what time you made it but good to see you up there in the balcony.
    I hope you enjoyed the concert.
    David Childs was simply out of this world and so easy to get along and work with. We had fun and laughs along the way!
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    Made it there with ten minutes to spare in the end, a record for our family! Did very much enjoy the concert, stunning performances from David Childs, and I must say I really enjoyed Mark Norwood's contributions. Chatham Band did very well indeed, producing a full sound for a band group of it's size! Well done to all concerned!