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    Not sure if right place?

    This is a plea to fellow musicians to help my husband and I raise money for a charity that helped us with our daughter.

    David Smith (percussionist) is well known in the Midlands, Oxfordshire + other areas due to playing with Desford, City of Oxford, Sovereign & Wantage bands. Me not so much as I have played horn in mainly lower section bands in Kent, although met a few people @ the Wessex music course. Back in 2007 I gave birth to our first child a daughter Abigail. She was born with Edwards Syndrome a life limiting condition. After 5 wks in hospital we were, with the support of ROSY (Respite care for Oxofrshire Sick youngsters) able to take her home. She needed 24/7 care, was tube fed and needed the odd bit of oxygen. We had a lovely 7 wks @ home including a christmas before she passed on New Years day 2008.

    Frank Wolfe has already helped us raise some money via his New Years Day concert in 2009, to try and repay them for their support then & now. Dave is now along with his brother & a friend walking "The Cotswold Way" 102 miles in 4 days starting tomorrow. (weather is not looking good!!!):clap:

    If anyone can spare anything + gift aid please could they use the attached link for Dave's justgiving page. We are hoping to raise £2,500 but are falling short. This charity provides so much support for families caring for disabled children it's unreal. They have never forgotten our daughter either.

    Many thanks for your time

    Helen Smith (nee Waygood)