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  1. kp51

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    Having realized that our band is now required to register with the Charity Commission because of its gross income level, I'm in the process of filling in the online forms involved. And I'm finding some bits difficult to fathom. Has anyone been through this process recently, and would they have a copy of what they submitted that I could use as a crib?
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  2. marc71178

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    Surely you mean that you're already registered with the Charity Commission and have to submit accounts? There's no obligation to register with the Charity Commission just because of your income level.
  3. kp51

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    Yes there is, under the Charities Act 2011. To quote the Charity Commission,
  4. cjwood555

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    However, if you are a 'business' - whether or not you actually make a profit and whether incorporated or not - this would not apply. I am unaware of any statute that says a club/society has to be a charity!
  5. marc71178

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    My thoughts as well. I'm unsure personally of the benefits to a band of being called a charity and am surprised any band would have an income of less than £5k anyway. I would suggest seeking professional advice before doing too much. Somebody in your band must know an accountant you can talk to.
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    There is such a thing as an unincorporated society and lots of clubs, choirs, bands still exist as one. There is no law to force an unincorporated society to become a charity. There are however some advantages, especially if you intend on applying for grants or claiming back gift aid.
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