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    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I guess some kind moddy person will move it if it isn't!

    I was wondering if anybody out there knew what happened to Chappells Music Publishing. I think they went out of business some years ago (although as far as I know the famous music shop of the same name in London's Bond Street is still going strong). Does anybody know what happened to the catalogue of brass band music that they used to publish? I have a vague idea that they sold it to Boosey and Hawkes, which may now mean that it is owned by Studio Music or MusicSales. Is Chappells now the same company as WarnerChappell?

    I'm a bit confused and I need to track down who owns the rights to a piece of music that they used to publish!
  2. DaveR

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    I should also say that I have tried the website of the Music Publishers Association, and those of Studio Music, Music Sales and WarnerChappell and found no clues!
  3. Robin Norman

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    A long story this one as Chappell Music has had about four different owners. Firstly it is the same as Warner/Chappell but if you are looking for previously printed material that went to IMP which, in turn, is now owned by Faber Music.

    You could try Faber Music in Harlow but, if my memory serves me correctly (IMP being my old employer) any of the older titles remain in archive 'print-on-demand' and, as such, you will need to contact Studio Music on 020 8830 0110. However a lot of the Chappell archives were lost at the time Warner took them over so you may be out of luck. Stan Kitchen should be able to give you the definitive answer though.

    A long-winded answer but I hope you got the jist in the end, try Studio or Faber.
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    That's great, thank you Robin
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    Moved to Rehearsal Room as its a musical inquiry :)

    I have a couple of slow melody type solos (Angus McDonald being one - does anyone still play that?) with "Chapell Archive Series" on the card folder they came in. When I was tootling through it the other month I was wondering what happened to Chapell. The publishers number at the bottom of the parts is London 01! (Anyone remember those?).

    No help at all I know, but I thought I'd share it anyway...:rolleyes:
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    It could be worse - you could've asked who remembers what 01 811 8055 is the number for :sup

    2 off topic posts. I'm going to have to watch myself.
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    I thought it was just me who could remember that telephone number :clap: .

    Thanks for moving the thread, Ian.
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    I think I did the piano accompaniment for a cornet player doing that once about 10 years ago! I can't remember anything about it though...except I have a vague recollection of liking the piece.

    Anyway I'm drifting off topic now too! :oops: I blame the mods for leading me astray :biggrin:
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    That's the one - it also got handed down to Saturday Superstore ;)

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