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    Dear All

    Myself & a number of interested players are currently in the process of re-forming one of the Peak District's most prominent brass bands; Chapel en le Frith Town Band. The band has been inactive for some time and we are dedicated to making every effort to restore it to it's former glory.

    We are currently in the process of trying to contact all ex-Chapel players & any other local players who would like to be involved in re-establishing a committed, happy band. So if that is you, please read on...

    We are hoping to enter the 3rd section regional contest at Burton-upon-Trent in March and already have our first engagement for the Christmas lights turning on in Chapel town centre.

    There are a set of Sovereign instruments at the bandroom just waiting to be played, so we have organized an informal 'blow-in' on Sunday 10th October from 11am-1pm at the bandroom (next to the cricket club), off Willow Drive, Chapel en le Frith for anyone who is interested. If you would like to be a part of this venture but are unable to attend the 'blow-in', or would like further information, please contact myself - Aidan Howgate (Conductor) - on 07817 191255, or Bob Mulholland (Chairman) on 01298 812816.

    We will also be establishing a junior band once the senior band is up & running and already have a number of people committed to teaching the juniors, both singly & in groups. If your child would like to be involved in our junior band please contact one of the above numbers & we will enrol them today.
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    All the best from us all here at tMP in your quest - it's always great when people make the effort to re-form bands - let's hope this turns out to be a success story.

    To help in your quest, we'll make this thread a 'sticky' for a while to give it more prominence on the Forum - give any of us a shout if tMP can be of any assistance in your quest.

    Al lthe best.

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    Hi Aidan

    Glad to see you've joined the mouthpiece at last.

    I think Chapel en le Frith is a little bit far for me, but I'd be glad to come to a few rehearsals depending on when they are, if that would be of any help.

    Are you still conducting Dove Holes and playing at BT - you're going to be very busy :eek:

    Hope you get enough interest to get the band going again

    All the best in your venture :)
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    Always very good to see a band trying to get back on its feet again. So many bands I know are struggling, so good luck and I hope you do manage to make it to the areas.

    Richard Greenwood
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    Best of luck with Dad was from Chapel and knew people in the band in his youth so for me personally it would be great to see you back up and running again.

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    Chapel Band

    Aiden I'm Sure I Could Find You A Top Notch Principle Cornet.

    His Initials Are 'j G' And Has A Beard

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    Chapel en le frith progress!

    Thankyou all very much for your encouragement, We held a rehearsal on sunday and we already have enough players around the stand to begin regular rehearsals, tuesday at 8pm and sundays at 6.30pm! it has all gone smoother than i could have ever wished for, we still have a few empty chairs, but we have many leads and are keenly approaching former members! its all very exciting for us. Big hello to Hilary! Have left Dove, still at BT.
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    Although it is good to see that one of the High Peak bands is striving to re-new itself (again may I add), I can't help but feel saddened that the other bands in the area will more than likely suffer as a result. Knowing the high peak bands as I do there is now only one in the area that operates a good and successful youth policy that helps the band to remain fully attended and consistent throughout the year at concerts and the odd contest it does and that is Burbage (Buxton). If the other High Peak bands followed this bands policy there would be no need for the High Peak merry go round to go on as it does...........

    Just my own opinion for what it is worth, good luck with your venture but please do take a leaf out of Burbage's book and set up a good youth policy and leave the other bands be......

    Soil Lover
    Ex High Peak Bands Person....

    AEHOWGATE Member

    If you read the last paragraph of my post, it says we are establishing a junior band, it is nice of you to mention Burbage band in such terms as i consder their conuctor as a long term friend of mine, who I met when I played for them, Burbage not however on it's own in providing high quality tuition however as tideswell band (and I am sure others) now do the same and are reaping the benefits, We at Chapel are welcoming back as many ex chapel players we can find, If other players want to play, we will welcome them, but we do not intend 'poaching' from local bands, in particular, the ones mentioned above.
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    Can I correct late on...?

    As a player in a number of High Peak Bands (Dove Holes, New Mills, Goyt Valley Brass) I can honestly state that these have active, thriving and successful junior and youth members. In the past years ex-starters from New Mills in particular (Mr Howgate and Mr Christian to name but two!) have gone to much greater and better things, hopefully not forgetting their roots!

    You did say earlier "odd contest" and I agree none of the bands mentioned are actively contesting. I do not consider that to be the only measure of success. An opinion that is not often welcomed on this site!

    Awaiting the flak!

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    Do you know that you're responding to a thread that is more than 2 years old?

    AEHOWGATE Member

    "Although it is good to see that one of the High Peak bands is striving to re-new itself (again may I add), I can't help but feel saddened that the other bands in the area will more than likely suffer as a result".

    I cannot see where 'Soil Lover' gets the impression that there is some kind of merry-go-round in the High Peak? 4 years on, Chapel en le Frith have never harmed another local band. There is lots of good quality teaching and band building going on in the High Peak, which I know will now be increased with 'soil lover's engagement as conductor of a local band. Lets hope no other High Peak bands suffer as a result of his appointment too.

    I know its an old post, but I fancied writing.

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