Changing of the guard... the Coldstream Guards Band playing 'THE RED SHIELD'!!!

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by kiwiinoz, Jun 30, 2010.

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    Fascinating; at 0'39" they play the same wrong chord mentioned by several people on the Dyke SA marches CD thread ...
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    Fantastic stuff. They know how to bang a drum in the Guards too!
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    Who is the bass trom player? He's a beast!!
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    The edge from U2?
    Dr Chainsaw?
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    Bass troms in the Coldstream Guards are Justin Field and Gareth Craik. Of which I am the latter. Thanks for the beast comment, I try my best! :D
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    Excellent stuff !! Was down at the cenotaph few years back , and when the SA contingent marched past with the civvie organisations at the end of the veterans parade the bands switched to the Red Shield - had quite a lump in the throat !!

    Just out of interest Gitarisuto , who arranged it for military band ?
  8. GJG

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    I can't imagine it would actually need "arranging", as such. Take one set of brass band parts, give copies of the cornet parts to the clarinets (sop to Eb clarinet if you have one) tenor horn parts to alto saxes, baritone parts to tenor saxes. Military Band french horn players would be quite comfortable transposing from Eb horn parts, or even Bb baritone parts. Trombone, Euphonium and Tubas play parts as written. Only leaves Flute/Picc., who can be given Solo Cornet parts and told to either sight transpose them (Up a minor 7th) or dry-knack parts for themselves. Most Army musicians in my experience are capable of sight-transposition, and the beauty of it is that if everyone plays/transposes from original parts, and pens are not put to paper (or fingers to keyboards) then no copyright laws have been broken. Job done.

    Of course, no doubt Gitarisuto will be back shortly to tell me that my theory is nonsense ...
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    No one is a Bass Trom player unless they know how to play a G Trom.
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    GJG - totally agree. A lot of brass band marches are very simple to 'arrange' for military band. Some need tweaking more than others. This Red Shield arrangement was penned by then Bandmaster Grenadier Guards Band Kev Bird.

    As for the other comment, the lack of G troms in this world is a travesty but I have played one too as well as contrabass trombone. The military has taught me to be flexible if nothing else! :)
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    Kevin Bird's transcription of Henry Goffin's "The Red Shield" for concert (military) band is on sale in the TradeWinds series, available from R. Smith & Co.

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    can i just say, you two bass troms were fantastic. you may have heard Enfield SA Band play it and their Bass Trom pedals some of the bass solo, but you guys ........ fantastic. keep it up, great stuff thanks so much