Changing from Bb to a Bb/F trombone

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  1. Hi,

    i've just changed from a Conn 8H to a Bach 42B, and was wondering if anyone had any advice for how to implement the extra plumbing I have on my shoulder now? I've worked out that I can play stuff from 6th position in 1st, but that's about it!

    Also, does anyone know if it should make such a clunking noise when the plug closes? Sorry if that sounds a silly question, but I've never had one of these before. Quite excited really! :D
  2. Hells Bones

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    Firstly, unless there was some fault with the horn, the 8h is generally a good instrument, are you selling?

    Secondly, you shouldn't play any differently with a Bb/F as you did with the Bb. The only change is that you have more options.

    You have to be careful when using the plug, don't use it so often that you "Forget" where 6th and 7th positions are. I know some conductors and adjudicators prefer you to use open positions. Others don't mind either way.

    To be honest it is up to you. Make sure you learn the new positions for bottom F down to D (Treble) right, they are not the same as the normal ones.
  3. Hi,

    They are both band instruments, so it's not mine to sell! ;)

    Thanks for the advice, I've been having a go with it and find myself moving instinctively to 6th for D- guess it'll take me a while to get used to another action. i'll bear in mind the using it as an alternative- I'm certainly enjoying having the choice now!
  4. stephen2001

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    Try to tighten the screws on the trigger. If they are already as tight as they will go, unscrew them a little bit then tighten them up again, but not so tight that the can't be unscrewed again. It seems to have worked on mine!
  5. RonBarnes

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    You will have to learn the alternative positions available when you use the F attachment; one of the most useful is the Bb in 3rd (long) position but you will find what suits you. Experiment with it.
    If your valve is noisy, check the linkage, as Stephen recommended, but also make sure that the valve is properly lubricated. Do this by removing both tuning slides and dropping rotor oil down the tubes into the rotor. Drop it straight down; don't let it run down the side of the tube or it will carry slide grease into the rotor, which is something you don't want. Also you could check the neoprene buffers are properly in place. Make sure the bearings and linkages are oiled with an appropriate oil too. Any of these can cause noise.
    I hope you enjoy having the extra flexibility of the valve.
  6. simonbassbone

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    Get a book of exercises for Bb/F trombone, it'll explain all the alternatives and really get you into using the trigger in a thoughtful way. As said earlier concert Bb (bottom C) on a long 3rd shift is very useful but there are plenty of others to play with.
  7. RonBarnes

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    A useful little book I had when I started bass trombone was 'The F Attachment and Bass Trombone' by Allen Ostrander, edited by Charles Colin. It leads you in easy stages through the F valve alternative positions.
    I can't say if it's still in print though. My copy is pretty ancient!

    ROBTHEDOG Member

    Re the 'clunk' maybe that the 'rubber' stopper pads had gone hard or worn thin. If it's more a metalic 'clunk' maybe the ha brass link balls need attention, you can swap to nylon (similar to Holtons) or even if you wish with a bit more work to chord like the Conn 88's. If you do get into using the F section longer term worth considering swapping to free flow vave such as Hageman -as per the Rath

    or Thayer valve as per Edwards

    Christian Lindberg did some design on a special valve which is now sold on Conn 88's as
  9. rgdunning

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    As my good Friend Anthony has already stated you really do need to have a play with the plug, ya can't beet time spent putting some serious air through it to find out where the notes are and what works best on the plug and whats best played open......

    I wouldn't go back to using just a Bb trom now i've got me 5 year old silver baby....
    Keep blowing and always givit some!!!!! ;)

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