Change of name for Gresley Old Hall Band

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    The Gresley Old Hall Band have announced a change of name to the band they will be now known as Gresley Colliery Band reverting the name of the band that was used in the 1960's
    The decision to change the bands name was taken at the recent annual genneral meeting.
    The majority of the bands players and supporters were in favour of the change to both shorten the name and pay tribute to the mining heritage that has been the back drop and foundation of much of the bands 150 year history.
    This will also see a change of name for the Junior Band as well who will now become Gresley Colliery Youth Band as many of the numbers are now between the ages of 12-17.They continue to improve with each outing they show in concerts and Fay Bayliss their Musical Director looks to set and achieve new heights in 2006
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  3. Congrats on the name change.So many bands drop the colliery name because they think its not pc friendly.Good luck in the future.

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