Change of Euph/Bari formation at Emley

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    Emley Band are pleased to announce the capture (for the second time) of Keith Lawton on the Solo Euphonium seat.

    Our previous Solo Euphonium player Jenny Ehrhardt has had a change of job which has meant that she would probably find herself with less free time to dedicate to the Solo seat and as such indicated to the band that she would be happy (in a wonderfully band spirited guesture) to fill the vacant 2nd Baritone seat if we could find a suitable candidate for the Solo position.
    This the band has acheived by recruiting Keith for his second spell with the band, following a couple of years trying his hand at a higher level.

    The band would like to thank Jenny for her honesty, commitment, true banding spirit and continued membership. We are proud to be able to class Jenny amongst our members, and we believe that any band would be lucky to have players the calibre Jen call themselves one of theirs.

    We would also like to wish Keith a very warm welcome (again), and we hope his second spell with the band is a long, successful and fruitfull one.
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