Change at Dobcross.

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    Due to restructuring of the cornet section, the Dobcross Silver Band have moved Darren Jones from bumper-up on to the soprano cornet seat with immidiate effect. This leaves positions vacent for the following: Assistant principal cornet, 3rd man down and a 2nd percussionist. The band would also like to take this opportunity to thank Rebecca Crawshaw for all her hard work and dedication to the Dobcross cause. Rebecca has played for the band for the last two years or so and has played an integral part of the bands recent successes. She is also principal soprano with the NYBBGB. Dobcross would like to wish her all the best with her new position at Fairey FP (Music).
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    New Sop

    I'd like to welcome Becky to Fairys and thank her for being so understanding about the all male policy and agreeing to all the necessary medical procedures in order to keep up this fine single sex tradition.
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    Re: New Sop

    Ah so thats what happened to you Bowdy...

    by the way your band name is spelt Faireys!!! not that it matters... just thought you should know!