Chance of a Blow in Bakewell ?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by iancwilx, Oct 23, 2006.

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    My EEb Bass mate at Kippax, Steve Butler, is working weekdays near Bakewell for the next few months and is looking for a local band where he can have an occasional blow to keep his lip in.
    He would need access to an instrument as he is a living in his motorhome during the week and hasn't room to cart his own Bass around with him.
    Can any band offer him a temporary seat ?
    He won't like me saying this, but he was Yorks Imps Solo EEb Bass when they were at their prize winning peak.
    You can email me direct at and I will pass all msgs on to him.
    - Wilky
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  5. iancwilx

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    Thanks for all your help guys.
    I've sent emails to all of them except Bakewell Band whose website is disabled.
    Much appreciated.
    - Wilky
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    Mark Wilcockson conducts both Bakewell and Shirebrook Miners Welfare Band - their website is live so perhaps try them for a contact for Mark
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    Shirebrook website is up and running but won't accept any msgs on the "Contact us" page - just flags up that the email cannot be processed - Strange !
    - Wilky

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