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  1. barrytone

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    I am looking for a second baritone seat in either a Championship or top First Section band; recently relinquished such a position due to work but now work is sorted and no longer an issue; Yorkshire area or North West area but fairly close to Yorkshire border; pm me for more details, thank you
  2. Jam spoon

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    Hi There,

    We are a 1st section band and are currently looking for a 1st Baritone player. We are based in Wardle which is near to West Yorkshire border.
    Please check out our website and the contact details are all there. We would love to see you if you fancied coming down for a blow.
    We rehearse on Monday and Wednesday evening at 7.30pm.
  3. towse1972

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    They are a lovely hard working bunch too.
  4. classicbrass

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    Check out Oldham (Lees) at

    They were looking for a second baritone player recently and I don't think the position is fully finalised yet

    Contact details on website - give John Collins a ring, but avoid 8pm to 10 pm until after this weekend - rehearsals for Blackpool in full swing.
  5. barrytone

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    Still looking xxx