Championship Predictions - FOOTBALL, that is!

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  1. whats everyones prediction for the championship this season?

    yorkshire has 2 representatives currently doing very well in sheffield united and leeds united (1st and 4th currently)

    how about london and surrounding areas top representatives, reading are currently 2nd, crystal palace 5th, watford 7th and qpr 10th

    last seasons lg1 champs luton are a surprize package this season and are currently 3rd

    or do the 2 hamptons take your fancy, wolves and the southampton, currently 6th and 8th

    or could wales have a team to get into the premiership for the 1st time since it being formed? cardiff are currently 9th

    or will any of the teams not mentioned from the top 10 currently make a massive push later on this season?

    i want you to all put on the teams who you think will come 1st and 2nd, and then all of the 4 teams you think will contest in the playoffs, and to also say which of those 4 will win the playoffs, type the top 2, and the winnin playoff team in caps!

    3. sheffield united
    4. reading
    5. luton town
    6. WATFORD

    Slightly weird predictions but no1 had crystal palace to get promoted 2 seasons ago, so who knows, its a very open division, any1 can beat any1, take it from a guy who's currently following a championship team, ive seen highlights from all the teams this season, its a very difficult division to predict!

    IYOUNG Member

    1. Sheff Utd
    2. Leeds

    3. Reading
    4. Palace
    5. Wolves
    6. Southampton

    and i'll take Palace to get up through Play Offs
  3. rutty

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    Sheffield Utd are playing well now but I predict a mid-season collapse followed by late season rennaisance that will secure them a play-off place but defeat in the final.

    Reading/Luton - going well now but will tail off towards the end of the season. Hopefully play-off places for them though. Nice to see someone different up there.

    Leeds! My hometeam. I suspect that though that the usual mixed form will mess up automatic promotion hopes. Playoffs.

    Wolves/Southampton. Both off the pace at the moment but I think both of these teams might just improve enough to get those two promotion places.

    Dark Horses: Palace.

    Hope Leeds win it though :)
  4. come on guys and gals, i can't believe that us 3 are the only footy fans on this forum, get your predictions on here, NOW! :D
  5. Will the Sec

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    I reckon Leyland will win.
  6. Will the Sec

    Will the Sec Active Member

    ooooh! THAT Championship!

    Don't know who'll win it but I bet Sheffield United blow it again...
  7. Pythagoras

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    The mighty blades look pretty good to win, and yorkshire's 2nd team look good as well (should be good game on Friday!) Reading don't look like conceding much but need to win a few more, but are hard not to predict. Ipswich should improve in the second half of the season, but fail again in play-offs.
  8. will that wasnt particularly funny, as this is the "random off topic" section, you could prolly think this thread would NOT be about brass banding, and you could have at least put on a full prediction like the others have done so far.

    im goin to elland road to see leeds utd vs sheff utd, should be an absolute cracker, im predicting a 2-2 draw, altho im hoping leeds win, good game in prospect :D
  9. Chunky

    Chunky Active Member

    Pray tell me based on what logic is that statement made?

    The club are still in massive financial trouble, having seen them this season, they are just getting worse and worse as each year passes. How it pains me to see that!
  10. IYOUNG

    IYOUNG Member

    A totally balance and un biased view there then!!!!!

    been to see Reading a couple of times recently - nice stadium shocking prices - very impressed could well make it up this year and back down next of course

    Chunky - what on earth are the canaries playing at this year?
  11. Chunky

    Chunky Active Member

    Its the truth! Trust me!

    They are poor this year even the staunchest of tractor boys will admit that, although not to a Norwich Supporter

    As for the Canaries, well I really do not know. Its like having a top of the range ferrari and letting the apprentice at the Lada dealership tune it!

    I am no fan of Nigel Worthington and I believe he is very close to losing the dressing room. Players do not seem happy etc.,

    IF they get it right soon, they will be up there, there is no doubt as I have yet to see a decent team at Carrow Road this season. Its just we have been way off the mark.
  12. Magic Flute

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    Just so long as we (Owls) beat them a week on Saturday. Maestro will never let me hear the end of it at work otherwise!
  13. come on guys your going off the topic

    top 2, then pick the teams you think will be in the playoffs, then pick the team who will win the playoffs

    ive done it, some others have done it, now lets get every1else to do it, come on, its suppost to be fun 4cs!
  14. dyl

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    Clive - just a guess here, but if people wanted to post their 'Championship' predictions, I think they would have done by now. Badgering people, and bumping the topic is not going to help.

    As for going off-topic - the discussion's still about Championship football isn't it?

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  15. DublinBass

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    I actually hadn't put mine up because I couldn't be bothered to look at the topic category this was under and figured to was Championship predictions for the National Finals or summat since Football wasn't even mentioned in the title.

    Sorry to go away from your formula mad&crazyguy, but I don't follow things close enough over here to really get a good feel (if I go to one of our pubs I can see the Friday afternoon game, but that is all I can watch), So I'll go with things the best I can.

    I think Reading, Southampton and Sheffield United will go up...

    ...also as a former Watfordonian do not think they will make the playoffs and just pray they don't get relegated.
  16. dyl

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    Good point, Pat. It wasn't very clear at all was it!!

    Anyway, I've edited it now.
  17. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    Not really bothered what happens in the Championship...until next season that is. :biggrin:

    The only thing I do hope is that Leeds stay there...the six points will be good for us.
  18. geordiecolin

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    I suppose I'd better start paying more attention to the Coca Cola, seeing as the way the toon are going we'll be down there next year. My predictions aren't very long term at the mo and go along the lines of:

    Sunday, Newcastle 0 Sunderland 1, Newcastle lose yet another player to a hamstring problem, Newcastle fail to construct a single constructive set piece move all game, Faye fails to pass the ball to the right team beyond a 5 yard radius before being belated subbed for (Oh) Lee Clark (My Lord), nobody realises that unless they actually pass to him Micheal Owen will find it hard to score, Newcastle are robbed of a goal that was clearly a yard and a half over the line, Scumderland lob it forward long ball stylee and will score a jammy deflected goal, Souness sacked by monday.

    Oh no, my mistake the whole "Newcastle are robbed of a goal that was clearly a yard and a half over the line" thing happened last week.

    With regards to the CCC this season, Sheff Utd are looking good but will probs bottle it big style. Leeds may win it, I reckon Reading'll get up from the playoffs.
  19. i went to the leeds sheff. game last night, im just wondering how much warnock paid alan wiley to give all the decisions to sheff. and none to leeds.

    rob hulse got booked for a tackle which was much softer than some of the wreckless tackles coming in from sheff., and sheff didnt get any bookings at all, coz leeds hardly got given any free kicks, sheff got given loads for challenges that had nowt in them at all hardly, it was a dreadfull performance from the ref and if sheff utd play as average as they did against us last night,. then trust me, they wont win the league!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. geordiecolin

    geordiecolin Active Member

    Its quite simple. Sheff Utd wear red. Every team in red get the decisions. Just look at history - England '66 and that goal, arsenal, manure and liverpool always seem to get an inordinate amount of decisions their way, I mean just look at the Manure pens at home stats and of course that Spurs goal that never was. The ref at Newcastle v Fulham earlier in season was terrible and guess what? Fulham were wearing their red change strip.

    Dirty Scumderland always seem to kick chunks out of the toon and get away with it. Red shirts again. A coupla seasons ago Hasselbaink scored with his hand against the toon for the smogs and what colour do they wear?? Yes, you've guessed it.

    My former housemate who's currently in Russia and is a big Zenith Petersburg fan tells me that a similar thing happens there too.

    Its a fact. The team wearing the most red get all the decisions.