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  1. Players required

    Edit: for current vacancies see the end of the thread

    We at Chalgrove Band are looking for the proverbial goldust (bass Players both E & B) and a 2nd horn player
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    The Chalgrove Band in Oxfordshire is under new Musical Direction and looking to build for the future.

    The band is currently well placed in the 4th Section grading tables and is introducing a new fresh approach to music and engagements.

    In order to acheive our aim we are looking for Cornets 2nd Horn and 2nd Trombone to strengthen the line up.

    If you are interested in playing in this exciting new forward thinking venture please contact the band on

    01494 533161 or via the bands website

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    Chalgrove Band

    Thank you to all of you who responded to our last vacancy request, we are pleased to announce that all but 2 seats have been filled. We now only need a Tenor trombone and 2nd Cornet to complete the line up.

    The band is entering an exciting new period under the new Musical Direction of Ian Young.

    Ian has already brought a wave of enthusiasm to the band and the future is looking bright as we hope to push for promotion to section 3. A busy but more importantly a varied autumn / winter season is planned.

    the band will be contesting twice before the areas and also has some new concert venues being arranged.

    If you are interested in joining the band pm me here or contact the band via its website

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    Coming to Oxford & Brookes University in Sept 2004

    If you are coming to University in Oxford or the surrounding area and would like a progressive band under new Musical Direction to play with.

    The CHALGROVE Band is a mere 15 minutes away and would love to hear from you, we can accomodate players in all positions as we emloy very much an open door policy where all are welcome to join us and enjoy our music making.

    Contact MD Ian Young at
    or visit the bands website
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    Hi Ian,

    Have just tried the link to you band and it doesn't seem to be working. Is it correct?

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    Seems to work for me - is it your computer having a hissy fit????
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    I tried it too - definitely wasn't working earlier. S'ok now though! :roll:
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    Ian PM'd me earlier and said he was fixing the link. So it's all working fine now.


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    Oxfordshire Banding

    The Chalgrove Band based just 10 - 15 minutes drive from Oxford is under new Musical Direction in the shape of yours truly, it has been a difficult past 6 months for the band, but now under my Musical Direction and the new Management Team we are introducing a fresh differeing approach to our banding in an attempt to re-build the band for a bright future.

    We have a number of exciting projects in the pipeline over the next 12 months

    One of our key objectives is to ensure that we do not over burden ourselves with numerous small engagements. Whilst we recognise the need for community work we will be aiming for higher profile engagements around the area and beyond.

    So if you want more quality from your banding as opposed to endless weekends sat at small engagements with a small audience ( if any at all ) why not get in contact with me either via a pm here or on 01494 533161

    It will take us a while but we are on the way to a bright future

    We welcome players of all instruments but particularly would like to hear from Cornet and Trombone players.

    Even if you are registered with another band you will be made welcome to come along and enjoy our rehearsals and enjoy the team spirit being developed.
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    Chalgrove Band - Thanks

    Hi All,

    Firstly thanks to to those that responded previously, I can confirm the band is now operating with a full quota except for the cornet section, which despite the recent return of an old member of the band could still do with 2 more players.

    The band has been through a hard time recently but with its new MD (me!) is really focused on changing from its traditional style banding to a more prestigeous event based programme. Several projets are already assured for 2005 and the band is really beginning to play with some drive and enthusaism

    The committee and myself are driving the band forward with this new approach.

    So if you can help complete the line up we would love to hear from you

    pm on here or telephone 01494 531161 for an informal chat

    The future is certainly bright and indeed exciting
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    Chalgrove Band

    Chalgrove Band 4th Section based in Oxfordshire require a Percussionist (Timps) for the area at Stevanage on Sunday 20th March 2004.

    Anyone who could assist please contact me vai pm here or on 01494 533161


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    URGENT - Trombone Required for L&SC Area

    The Chalgrove Band based just outside Oxford, has an immediate crisis in that our Trombone Section has been unexpectedly depleted.

    With the L&SC 4th section area 3 weeks on Sunday does anyone know anyone who may be able to fill one of the chairs as a matter of Urgency?

    I understand that as we are now less than 4 weeks away any players would have to be new registrations .....please correct me if thats not correct.

    Any help or contact names would be gratefully appreciated

    pm here or phone 01494 533161

    Many Thanks

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    Hi Ian

    Did you find anyone yet?

  14. IYOUNG

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    Hi Mike

    Thanks for the reply, after a lot of persuasion we have filled the chair and now have a full Trombone section.


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    Following last weeks area contest the Chalgrove band is looking to strengthen its ranks in a number of positions, and we like to hear from committed brass players who would be interested in joining a very progressive band.

    We are particularly interested in hearing from Cornet and Trombone players.

    Rehearsals are fun and take place 7.30pm - 9.30pm (ish) on wednesdays and 6pm -8pm on Sundays.

    The band is under new direction now and is looking forward to a bright successful future. We have a good band hall and an MD full of enthusiasm to really drive the band forward in a 21st century style.

    Contact me here or on 01494 533161 for more information.

  16. Trombones

    Chalgrove Band are hoping to go to the Leamington Contest in late November , but we are short of a second trombone player, is there anyone in the Oxon/ Berks/ Bucks area that would like to join our progressive band? We are now under the 'baton' of Mike Pegram , who also conducts RAF Holton Band. Any players who would like to come along for a blow, would be most welcome
  17. Trombones Wanted

    Chalgrove band who came third in the 4th section at Leamington last weekend ,are now looking for a couple of trombone players, namely second and bass.
    Are there any bone players in the Oxford area, looking to join an up and coming band, under the 'baton' of Mike Pegram?, we are also looking for any bass players , E or B , (like goldust I know) We have a concert on the 16th December, so if you are a trombone player who is willing to help us out, for the concert, visit our website, ( and follow the link to either e mail or phone.
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    L&SC 4th Section Champions - Basses

    Fancy that trip to Harrogate in September?

    Chalgrove Band the L&SC 4th Section champions require Basses either EEb or BBb as you prefer.

    The band is really going places under MD Michael Pegram, so if you want to come and join us we would love to hear from you.

    Please contact me through here or visit the band website in the first instance.

    Rehearsals are Wednesday and Sunday evenings 7.30pm to 9.30pm

    Chalgrove Band
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    Chalgrove L&SC Champions 4th Section

    We would like to hear from any tombonists out there aswell. What with a cornet & middle sections sounding like Dyke (ok maybe not that good but still good). Bolstering the bass and tombone sections will give us a real fighting chance in Harrogate and in readiness for our future in the 3rd section. So come on and join the most progressive and best musically directed band in Oxfordshire! Good after band drinking aswell.

    'Try before you buy' - come to our themed concert with bar in Chalgrove Village Hall, Sat 19th May 7.30. You may be pleasantly surprised. Free admission to any competent musician who signs up! If you can play bass I'll buy you a pint.
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    Just to reiterate that we urgently need Eb and BBb basses, and Tenor and Bass trombone players for forthcoming concerts and of course the National Finals in Harrogate!!!

    It is the first time in the bands history that it has had the opportunity to showcase its talents on the national stage, and it would be a great shame if it was unable to capture that opportunity.

    If there are any available players out there and you would like to play for/help out a friendly and progressive band (3rd Section next year) then please either PM myself, or any member of the Chalgrove band, alternatively, pop along to the website and check out the contact us link.


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