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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by WoodenFlugel, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member

    I was thinking today (never a good sign but bear with me) about tMP and such like and how I actually got to hear about the site. Well it was like this...

    If I hadn't played for Ratby on their Dutch tour in 2003...

    ----> I wouldn't have been surfing their (excellent) web-site for the resulting photos...

    ----> so I wouldn't have seen John's entry in their guestbook, welcoming MarkyMark to tMP...

    ----> I wouldn't have typed in to see what it was about

    therefore depriving me of knowing about (and eventually joining) this forum. :biggrin:

    So a last minute phonecall from Ratby Phil about a totally unrelated matter, directly resulted in me becoming a member of this forum. Strange world.

    I also have a great one about meeting my wife (also involving MarkyMark strangely...:-? )

    So I was thinking... what events have set you on a path which you (or no-one else) could possibly have predicted? Doesn't have to be tMP or band related, just a celebration of the randomness of life :biggrin:
  2. flugelgal

    flugelgal Active Member

    Mine's related to tMP too!

    If I hadn't moved back up to the North East of Scotland I might never have:

    ----> started working in Aberdeen and move a bit nearer
    ----> bumped into Aberdeenloon at work and find out about Granite City Brass
    ----> met Moy in person (knew her by e-mail from way back...)
    ----> had lots of lovely food from Moy
    ----> had Moy remind me about the existence of tMP
    ----> joined tMP
    ----> been ill sometime at the beginning of the year and post in BMB's dating thread whilst at home.
    ----> had my post noticed by Miss Sparkly and have her add me to her MSN Messenger list
    ----> and with a few things in between there that I won't elaborate upon, I wouldn't be moving to the Emerald Isle before the end of this year! ;)
  3. flugelgal

    flugelgal Active Member

    ...and here's another (which can really be tacked onto the front of the one above):

    If the woodwind teacher at my secondary school had thought I was musical enough (*) for a woodwind instrument then:

    ----> my friend wouldn't have found out about brass instruments that were available and got a group of us to try them out (thanks Mandy!).
    ----> I wouldn't have been given a tenor horn
    ----> if I wasn't a wimp who told the teacher it was too heavy for me to carry :shock: (after about a week...)
    ----> he would never have given me a flugel and told me it was a cornet
    ----> he might not have asked me to join the local brass band (they didn't have a flugel player at the time)
    ----> I would probably not have met the friend that got me to join Clydebank when I moved to Glasgow
    ----> I probably wouldn't have joined Clydebank
    ----> various other things probably wouldn't have happened which all lead to my previous post ;).

    I try not to think about what might have happened... too many points where things could be different. The concept of parallel universes scares me! :shock: (Imagine how many flugelgals there could be wandering around, either playing flugels or not playing flugels - scary!)

    (*) I did get an A for my Music Higher if she's reading this - so there! :biggrin:
  4. Nuke

    Nuke Active Member

    you both have too many interesting things happening in ure lives (or too much time on ure hands)
  5. Nuke

    Nuke Active Member

    Actually now i think about it

    --> if i hadnt choosen to do genetics at uni
    --> I would have never met kate
    --> Which would have never led to me meeting becky
    --> Which would never had led to us all moving in together
    --> which would never had led to me and becky falling out
    --> which would never had led to me and kate having to move
    --> which would never have led to me sueing my ex landlord to get my deposit back
  6. lynchie

    lynchie Active Member

    If I hadn't decided to give up on accountancy because it was to boring...
    -- I'd never have decided to do engineering so
    -- I wouldn't have taken a gap year so
    -- I wouldn't have moved to Manchester so
    -- I wouldn't have played for Flixton so
    -- I wouldn't have met Sparkly so
    -- I'd never have found out about tmp so
    -- I wouldn't be sat here at 4.30am telling you about it...
  7. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    If I hadn't tried to sneak into an american football match for free by carrying coats for the band...
    >I never would have joined the band playing baritone
    > If I hadn't started on baritone I wouldn't have made the marching band at uni (all the other instruments were very competitive)
    >If I hadn't made the marching band I wouldn't have met my wife (to be)
    >If I hadn't met my wife I wouldn't have heard about brass bands
    >If I hadn't heard about brass bands I wouldn't have played in the Brass Band of Columbus
    >If I hadn't played in the BBC I wouldn't have come to England for the first time
    >If I hadn't come to the UK for the first time (to go to the Open) I wouldn't have know about other Brass Band Events
    >If I hadn't heard about the RNCM brass festival (one of the other brass band events) I wouldn't have met some of the people that told me about tMP (nor would I have probably moved here)

    So if I hadn't been thrifty back in secondary school, trying to sneak into a game for free I wouldn't be in England (with my wife) typing this on theMouthpiece !
  8. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member

    Ok as promised the tale of how I met my wife:

    If Sam ("the wife" oooo she'd punch me if she read that...:) ) hadn't joined Syston band after she'd learned to drive...

    ---> she wouldn't know Mark (who was playing at Wigston at the time)
    ---> she wouldn't have agreed to go to the New Years Eve party he was going to
    ---> if the host of that party hadn't been struck down with 'flu
    ---> they wouldn't have come to Wigston's New Year Party
    ---> she wouldn't have met me there
    ---> if I hadn't chased after her the next day :oops:
    ---> we wouldn't have gone on a second date
    ---> fast forward several years....
    ---> we wouldn't have got married :shock:

    It's a funny old world isn't it...
  9. Di

    Di Active Member

    If I hadn't borrowed my sisters sewing machine (during a period in which neither Steve or I were playinh) which broke down while I was making draylon cushions i wouldn't have

    - called out an engineer
    - who turned out to play in a brass band
    - which was conducted by someone whom steve and I had played under for a number of years in a previous band
    - would never have gotten invited down to the band and joined
    - 9 year old daughter wouldn't have been asked to play an 8 bar glock solo in Main Street.
    - daughter would not have taken interest in brass instead of flute.
    - would not be in the NYBB and playing prinky for National Champions.
    - son would not have taken drum lessons from said conductors son! Say no more!
  10. EDIT....

    actually, thats a bit personal..


    anyways.... carrying on....
  11. ALSO...

    If my friend hadn't persuaded me to learn a "trumpet" in primary school "cos its funny"...... I would be leading an entirely different life to the one I lead now!!

    Weird how things work out.....
  12. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    If I had gone to university as originally planned
    --> I would not have joined the Guards
    --> I would not have found myself sharing a flat with a Salvationist
    --> I may not have linked up with the Army;
    --> If I had gone to college as originally planned, and Janet had gone when she was originally been due to
    --> We would not have met, married and had our two children
  13. trumpetmike

    trumpetmike Well-Known Member

    If I hadn’t been inspired to learn after a school visit from a trumpet teacher I would never have started trumpet.

    If I hadn’t started trumpet I would never have got into music.

    If I hadn’t got into music I wouldn’t have practised.

    If I hadn’t practised I wouldn’t have got good enough to join various bands.

    If they hadn’t been enjoyable I might never have continued.

    If I hadn’t continued I might have found something else to do with my life.

    If I hadn’t continued I would not have been good enough to go to university.

    If I hadn’t gone to university I would not have met the first person to completely shatter my heart.

    If they hadn’t shattered my heart I might be less bitter and twisted.

    If we hadn’t split up I might not have come back down South

    If I hadn’t come back down South I wouldn’t have started teaching for the local education authority.

    If I hadn’t started teaching for them I might not have been introduced to the International Trumpet Guild.

    If I hadn’t joined the ITG I might not have gone to the ITG Conference in Manchester.

    If I hadn’t been there I wouldn’t have met some great people.

    If I hadn’t met some great people I wouldn’t have gone to ITG Texas the year afterwards.

    If I hadn’t gone to Texas I wouldn’t have met a lovely young lady.

    If I hadn’t met a lovely young lady I might not have gone to ITG Denver, this year.

    If I hadn’t gone to Denver, I would have missed out on seeing Allen Vizzutti live.

    If I hadn’t seen Allen Vizzutti live I would be jealous of those who had.

    If I hadn’t been to Denver I might not have offered to give this young lady a tour of the UK.

    If I hadn’t offered, she wouldn’t have taken me up on it.

    If she hadn’t taken me up on it I wouldn’t have gone to Liverpool.

    If I hadn’t gone to Liverpool I wouldn’t have had my car broken into and the signed copy of Carnival of Venus (Vizzutti) would still be in there.

    If I hadn’t had my car broken into I would be a happier man.

    So, Roy Falshaw (the guy who started me off) – you have a lot to answer for!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and if I hadn’t started trumpet I might be doing a job which actually earns me real money, rather than teaching and playing – neither of which are the best ways to afford housing in the South (or anywhere!).

    Then again, I do enjoy it.

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