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Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Zappa, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. Zappa

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    Something that popped up on another thread ...

    Unless you know about a contest because you've been there before or heard about it through the grapevine, i feel the banding world does not advertise their competitions enough.

    I'm not necessarily talking about the regionals, nationals, masters, spring festival, Open etc i'm thinking more about Tameside, Hardraw Scar, Preston, Easingwold etc etc.

    Preston/Brass at the Guild next month is a case in point. Type it into a search and you get a date and a venue ... That's it ... Or say a band in the North west wanted to have a band weekend in London at a Southern Counties contest where do you start searching to find a worthwhile event to travel to (this is only an example)?

    I know each region has a website however, they vary considerably in quality ... some are good others leave ALOT to be desired!!

    It would be great to have a new website that gave simply contest information throughout the country ... Obviously it would land on the contest organisers themselves to be organised and supply information and keep their ad regularly updated. For some a breeze for others maybe not!!

    However, a website that includes

    The Contest
    Format (entertainment, set test, march, hymn etc.)
    Organisers - contact number & e-mail
    Venue facilities
    Trade stand info
    Prize money
    Local hotels (ones that give group rates for bands)
    Local practice rooms - local band contacts
    Estimated start times for sections (start & end) ... could be confirmed after entry deadline

    I believe this would become an invaluable resource for ALOT of bands and contests would maybe see a rise in entries or new bands competing maybe a little further afield too ...

    What do people think? Or even better i might have given someone an idea (if so and it becomes a popular thing please give me some credit! LOL)
  2. Eb_Alex

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    Who would manage and update such a website? Do we not already have everything in place with this forum and also 4BR to ensure everyone has access to information should the organisers wish to promote it?

    Maybe we should just all be lobbying the contest organisers to make use of the resources we already have available!
  3. The Wherryman

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    Do you mean something like this Look in the IBEW Services box (top left) and click on Brass Band Events Diary. Although all manner of events are listed, it looks like contests are picked out in red. Entries on the site are free.
  4. cmccabe

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    Brassbandresults.co.uk has a fairly comprehensive list of past results. Perhaps a suggested new feature could be to add events in advance? Their feedback forum is here. ;)
  5. I have created the website www.brassbandwiki.com

    It is still in it's infancy but is gaining new members and bands are signing up to it quite regularly now.

    This site definitely has the capability of doing this and the general public are able to update it.

    Feel free to post any comments or any guidelines on how you think this type of system would be best set up and I'll look into it
  6. Zappa

    Zappa Member

    Just had a look at IEBW and i'm aware of brassbandwiki, which is superb by the way and i am sure will grow and grow

    On reflection, Eb Alex, that's a great point!

    Maybe we should just all be lobbying the contest organisers to make use of the resources we already have available![/quote]