Celtic Fusion by Robin Dewhurst

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    Does anyone know if "Celtic Fusion" by Robin Dewhurst is published ? And how many movements are there ? How are they like ? Has the whole piece been recorded ?

    Lots of questions :) Hope someone can help...

  2. Griffis

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    I dont think the whole work has been published - not yet anyway!
    I know that the last movement has been recorded by YBS on their Festive Impressions CD and is titled "Flight of the Wild Geese"
    The other movements were recorded at the Europeans 2004 in Glasgow, but I'm not sure if they will be the actual published version, as they featured a trumpet/penny-whistle soloist etc.
    Hope this helps!

    Dewi Griffiths
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    Pretty sure its not published.
    It is however a absolutely ace piece of music in my eyes. We played it at Uni last year, and its a great piece, Very hard but the music is beautiful.

    Its about 5 movements, Earth rites is the first one, with a big Jaz trombone solo, and loads of shouting, pecussion and stuff at the beginging.

    Then there is a few other movements, Ellis Island Lament i think is another one, which is lovely, loads of solos for Horn, Flugel, Soprano and trumpet.

    Flight of the Wild Geese is the final movement is great. Very hard tho.

    There are also two more, but i cant remember them. lol
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    Is this written by the Robin Dewhurst who was/is a composition lecturer at Salford Uni??
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    Yes its a great piece... I just know two of the movements, but what im looking for is new repertoire for an entertainmentcontest and a new "sound".. Thanks for all your feedback..
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    The movements of Celtic Fusion are "Earth Rites" features the Trombone, "Two Jigs" wich is a trumpet feature, "The Ellis Island Lament", "Two Reels" - again a trumpet feature and the finale "The Flight of the Wild Gees". Stavanger Brass Band have played it as a programe in several concerts with Espen Westbye as the featured soloist on trumpet. Great Stuff!!! There is a short cut of both "Two Jigs" and "The Flight of the Wild Gees" on Stavangers webpage www.stavanger-brassband.no

    I think the music are to be published some time this year, I know Dewhurst are working on it.
  8. gerry

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    Celtic Fusion

    The Ellis Island Lament + The Flight Of The Wild Geese will be published by:

    Lake Music Publications(www.lake-music.com)

    Available from 1 december 2006