Celebrate the Bandstand Marathon and earn £100 for your band

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    The Bandstand Marathon is once more taking place throughout parks and town centres across the UK this year on Sunday 25 September 2011, run by Superact!, and this year in partnership with Making Music.

    As part of the Cultural Olympiad the Bandstand Marathon aims to humanise public spaces by having as many groups performing on as many bandstands and outdoor performances spaces all at the same time on the same day throughout the UK. Why not capitalise on the opportunity to raise the profile of your band in your locality, and indeed the movement as a whole.

    150 bands are sought to participate this year, and for 2011 £100 is being offered to each group to assist with expenses.

    To register your interest and find your nearest venue, simply visit the Superact website You must register your interest in performing before this Friday, 29 July 2011 to take part.

    The event, now in its fourth year, celebrates local amateur musical talent; reflecting the amateur athletes who will be participating in the 2012 Games. It also makes use of the many historic bandstands that adorn our local parks and town centres; many of which are underused and, through the marathon, Superact hope to revitalise and reinvigorate them, and do their part to raise the profile of UK brass bands

    If have any enquiries about the event please e-mail the event organiser or ring 01823 66 66 41. For more information on the event organisers, Superact! please visit www.superact.org.uk

    To register for the event simply fill in and email the form available at the Bandstand Marathon website www.bandstandmarathon.org.uk

    Information on this event can also be found on the Bandstand Marathon page of the Making Music website at www.makingmusic.org.uk
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    The deadline for bands to sign up has been extended to 19 August.:)
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    Correct! Many thanks BrassFan2, you beat me to it ;)
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  5. tubafran

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    An unfortunate choice of date - weekend of the National Finals at Cheltenham for 93 bands - and we could all have done with that £100 ;)
  6. Creu Cerdd

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    Agreed Tubafran. We did make the organisers aware of this, however that weekend is also the weekend of a large scale festival in the South West and so, Superact being based there and the event having started in conjunction with that festival in the South West, the intention on their part was to always get the Marathon to coincide with that.

    It is a shame about the clash, but there's always next year for those bands who have qualified for this year's finals: the 2012 Bandstand Marathon will be held on Sunday September 9.

    Best of luck to you, and everyone, for the finals
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    Choice of date is the reason we couldn't attend last year as well - could well be worth leaning on the organisers to change the date for 2012.
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    The date is earlier in 2012 mr_nismo, and has been selected as it's the final / closing date of the whole 2012 (olympic and paralympic) games. There was a fear that it might clash with the 2012 British Open, but that's now been announced as Saturday 1 September 2012. We're not aware of the dates of the 2012 National Finals having been announced yet but hopefully they won't be that early (September 9)
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    Excellent news - another hopeful for our anniversary year :)
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    I really admire your efforts, but I wouldn't mind betting that if I gave the band I play for the choice of playing in this event or asking each of them to stump up a tenner each for the band, the band would be over £200 better off as opposed to £100.....
  11. Creu Cerdd

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    The £100 is intended as a contribution towards expenses for bands getting involved in and supporting the event. The Bandstand Marathon itself is intended as an opportunity for bands, and other amateur groups, to collectively get involved in the Cultural Olympiad, to revitalise and draw attention to the bandstands themselves, and also draw attention to, and bring together, bands / amateur music nationally
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    Just a reminder for this one for all bands - the deadline is this coming Friday, August 19
  13. Vegasbound

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    Music on the cheap!
  14. Creu Cerdd

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    Or Superact trying to make the limited funds go as far as possible...