CDs - What kind do you buy?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Ryan06, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. Ryan06

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    When you buy brass banding cds...what kind do you buy? I usually buy 2 a month...I buy 1 Salvation Army band cd and 1 British band cd, just to keep it even :p
  2. Brian Kelly

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    I buy whatever takes my fancy, and whenever. My last 2 brass band CDs where "The Lighter Side of Elgar Howarth" by BAYV Band, and "Pryor Engagement", featuring Ian Bousefield accompanied by Black Dyke. I think I bought them both at the Pontins contest in early November. The last SA CD I bought was the re-issue of "Kaleidoscope" by Enfield Citadel. I think that I bought that at the Nationals in Harrogate in September. It was certainly the first SA band CD I have bought for some time (in fact the only one I bought in the whole of 2006).

    At one time I used to buy anything so long as it was by a Famous Name Band, but these days I am more selective, looking at what has been recorded rather than just which band has recorded it.
  3. DublinBass

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    I've got a pretty good collection going, so I am most likely to buy CDs with new music. So I often buy CDs from Bridgewater, RNCM, Euros or Brass in Concert.
  4. leisa

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    cant say i have bought a cd in a while download more now.

    i seem to have a lot of brass cds...not sure i bought any of them thou they were all either given as presents..or...erm not sure about the rest :oops: i seem to just accumilate them

    think the last cd i got given was kelly clarkson for xmas which i already had but my copie was scratched to death so all is now well :biggrin:
  5. Flugelfrank

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    I`ve got lots of brassbands CD`s and DVD. From polyphonic to Doyen. Its interesting what difference in sound there is!! The best sound on CD I`ve heard is:
    Endeavour CD (doyen- yorkshire imps) and
    Here we are CD (Brassband Willebroek)
  6. Whatever I come across that I like - a mixed bag. I bought a CD by Knighton Town Silver Band (slight bias there), and for xmas I was given one by BTM, because my dad went to see them in concert. He didn't know they were a top band, but he was very impressed.

    I've bought MP3s online by the Cory Band (probably my favourite), Black Dyke and Ray Farr; and I've downloaded Youtube videos by YABB, and trumpeters like Sergei Nakariakoff, Wynton Marsalis and Alison Balsom.

    Recently I'm listening to either Eddie Calvert or Billy Regis, pop trumpeters from the 1950s.
  7. Bryan_sop

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    I think I have 3 BB CDs and a couple of Vinyl albums that I won in a raffle! I tend not to listen to BB CDs but I have quite a large collection of Orchestral Brass CDs (Canadian Brass London/LSO Brass, Empire Brass, PJBE, German Brass etc.)
  8. Rach_Horn

    Rach_Horn Member

    Got loads of band cd's ... love all the ybs cd's ... most are my parents or my blokes tho ... bought the new pink album recently ...that's ace :D
  9. impycornet

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    Round ones with a hole in the middle !
  10. Allan

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    CD's I like to Buy

    Being in Australia away from all of the action I like to buy what ever looks interesting. It is unfortunate there is not a good range of CD's available in Australia. I range from Brass Bands, Wind Ensembles, Brass quartet, Brass quintet and Tuba Solos. My collecltion is a mix of old favoutites and new works. I love English and European bands. One of my favourite recordings is Brassmataz (Brass Band of Battle Creek) not a recent recording but a mind blower. Over the Christmas period I would have purchased 10 brass CD's. I tried to restrain myself but failed.