CD National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain 2006

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    National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain 2006 is a CD of all five winning performances of the competitions held in the Royal Albert Hall, London and Harrogate Centre, Harrogate.

    The 2006 National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain provided a real mix of old and new brass band repertoire for audiences, from brand new commissions to gems of the past, all of which are captured, for the first time ever, on one superb recording.

    This CD is not officially launched until 3rd March but, as the stock has arrived, we've made it available now!
  2. PeterBale

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    Just a pity they couldn't have added a couple of other items (or alternative performances?) to give a longer playing time :mad:
  3. Chris Sanders

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    Since the recording equipment was already in the hall they could have added pickings from some of the offerings heard from before the results in London??
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    Was this not also done back in 1998 on a double disk? :confused: Nationals CD arrived today - some fantastic playing on it :clap:
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    I believe that refers to the mix of pieces being recorded on one disk for the first tiome. But I may be wrong! (Usually am!)
  6. PeterBale

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    In 1995 Egon produced a recording of all 5 winning performances, including "Songs for BL" and Rolls Royce (Coventry)'s winning performance of "The Frogs of Aristophanes" in the 1st Section.
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    Has anyone got a copy of Milnrow's performance in the 2nd Section of the 1999 finals at Nottingham?
    I played Eb - test piece was 'three figures' if I remember correctly and we came 2nd - would quite like to listen to that - even though it was a while ago!!!
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    I just cribbed this from the sleeve notes! We have some copies of the 1998 Nationals so I'll check on Monday.