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    World of Brass are pleased to announce the launch, on the Doyen label, on Saturday 1st March 2008 the first volume in an exciting new series of recordings from Black Dyke Band featuring music by the world's most famous composers.

    ELGAR- Classical Dyke Vol. 1 includes a recording of Severn Suite conducted by the internationally renowned conductor, Sir Colin Davis.

    Track list;

    Severn Suite (Edward Elgar)
    Pomp & Circumstance March No. 6 (Edward Elgar realised Anthony Payne arr. Philip Wilby)
    Sea Pictures (Edward Elgar arr. Philip Wilby)
    Enigma Variations (Edward Elgar arr. Eric Ball)

    Your first opportunity of getting your hands on this recording will be from our trade stand at the Yorkshire Regional Brass Band Championships on 1st and 2nd March 2008.
    Orders placed through our website will be despatched from next Tuesday.
    It is anticipated that the recording will be available to purchase from World of Brass Tunes in about ten days time.
  2. Simon Preshom

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    5 minute video comprising of Dyke playing 'Severn Suite' and Philip Wilby interviewing Sir Colin Davies.

    Maestro Davies makes an excellent, band like this "are too good to play junk" - take note top bands!!!
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    It's available now; HERE.
  4. John Brooks

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    I downloaded it last night and on a first listen it was everything you might anticipate from both the band and the music. This is a great way to buy music. Having said that, I need some advice on the WoB Tunes download process itself. This may not be the right place Mods so feel free to relocate.

    There are 24 individual tracks and that took a long time to do; I also missed one file and so had to go back in and get it. Is there an easy way to download all tracks at once?

    I use the Ipod MP4 format and have tried without success to download into a specific file. The download goes to an intermediate file in ITunes that I always have trouble finding and then I had to move the tracks to where I wanted them. Is there a way I can get them to a specific playlist destination in one go?

    Then, once I had the music where I wanted it, I then accessed the Find Info option and had to edit the info and add a lot of missing information (eg: date, track no, CD name etc.). Any advice on how to get that information in the right fields during the download.

    I'm using ITunes but don't yet actually have an IPod so burn a CD. Within ITunes the tracks play flawlessly but on the CD the ending and beginning of tracks suffers from the 2 sec between tracks. For example Nimrod continues without a break from the preceeding track in ITunes but not on my CD.

    Some of this may be operator error or it may be that's the way it is. If there are any answers out there I would appreciate your help.

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    Hi John. Did you take the option at the bottom of the track list to 'Buy whole recording'? I can't quite remember the exact wording in the store.
  6. Mount Media

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    I think I understand what he's talking about. It isn't the purchasing of the tracks which is a problem it's the downloading. I just purchased 2 albums (including the Elgar) which had around 35 tracks in total. I have Getright installed so its not that bad but for anyone else its very difficult to keep track of whats been downloaded and what is outstanding. Just a little gripe but not even sure how to get round it. Possibly once you downloaded a track it greyed out or something.
  7. John Brooks

    John Brooks Well-Known Member

    Yes, I did Carl. Once you do that it transfers all the tracks for downloading to my "Downloads Folder". From there you have to download each individual track. There is no "Select All" or similar feature to download all tracks in one step.

    There may be a way for you to tweak the product; there may be things that I can do too but just don't know how or don't know period.

    I want to keep this in's not a huge problem. The number of tracks on this CD illustrated a few things.

    WoB Tunes is a great way to buy music. Without it I would still be waiting for the CD and would have to pay at least $10.00 more per CD. It's fast and more affordable; not cheap but certainly less expensive :)
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    I guess Doyen could had made Enigma Variations, and Severn Suite for that matter, one continuous track as several of the movements should flow naturally from one to another. On the other hand, there may well be customers who still wish to purchase selected tracks, Nimrod for example.

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