CD Celtic Charm - David Childs COMING SOON!

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    Coming soon, the latest solo CD from David Childs, Celtic Charm.
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    Would have thought so Dyl ;). Possibly some with a Celtic Charm is my guess!
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    "Amidst a Celtic Dream" by Benjamin Tubb is one track on there! :)
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    What about them? How many are there? What are they called? Who are they by? Very vague there!
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    Yes, he was wasn't he. Seemed a funny way to advertise a CD to me..... ;)
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    It does say coming soon by the way.
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    Woo, get you Ben!
    You wrote a track that's on his CD? I'm very impressed, tho is no more than I've come to expect!
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    What's your problem? I only want to know what tracks are on the CD - I won't bother next time. Not that it's any of your business anyway.,
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    yea, and I can't wait to hear it!!! :)
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    To get even further off topic, I have no problem whatsoever, just for record, I think that possibly more than one word would be a little less abrupt. :)
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    18 in all.

    Neath the Dublin Skies (Paul Lovatt-Cooper)
    Ar lan y Môr (On the Sea Shore) (Trad arr. Leigh Baker)
    The Irish Washerwoman (Trad arr. Rodney Newton)
    Y Deryn Pur (The Dove) (Trad arr. Alan Fernie)
    Amidst a Celtic Dream (Benjamin Tubb)
    Donegal Bay (Paul Lovatt-Cooper)
    Riverdance (Bill Whelan)
    The Sally Gardens (Kenneth Downie)
    Carrickfergus (Trad arr. Stephen Roberts)
    Twm Siôn Cati (Rodney Newton)
    Tros Y Gareg (Over the Stone) (Trad arr. Tony Small)
    A Minstrel Boy (Peter Graham)
    A Celtic Charm (Philip Wilby)
    Caelidh (Rodney Newton)
    Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn (Watching the Wheat) (Trad arr. Gareth Wood)
    Reels and Jigs (Darrol Barry)
    Danny Boy (Trad arr. David Childs)
    A Final Fling (Philip Sparke)
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    Thanks for that, Carl.
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    No problem.
    We tried a little teaser by posting this thread earlier today but seeing the track list appears on the Amazon listing it's as well to post it here too.
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    I've heard the two PLC pieces and Donegal Bay in particular is very good; destined to become a classic euph "slow melody" I suspect!
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    This is much, much more than a slow melody CD, believe me!
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    I think he meant that Donegal Bay will become as famous as the Pearlfishers and The Holy Well as a solo euphonium slow melody with band, but yea - the CD should be awesome, Caelidh is an awesome piece!
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    Looking forward to hearing this cd, especially David's performance of Reels and Jigs!
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    Apologies all round, I scanned the post and obviously mis-read it, sorry!
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    No apologies needed! :)

    Is there any reason for the change in front cover? I must admit I do prefer this one :)