CD - Brass of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

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  1. Bryan_sop

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    Got my copy but it won't play on my stereo (which is a DVD player) despite it saying on the sleeve that it will play in all standard CD devices :mad:
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  3. brassneck

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    CD is on sale for £9.99 online with free delivery at HMV! I saw copies in one of their stores for £13 earlier on today.
  4. BoozyBTrom

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    Ordered the CD today. Really looking forward to listening to it.
  5. brassneck

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    - I hope that you will as pleased with it as I am. One thing though, the sleevenotes do not list the players. They have been performing live since 2003.
  6. ChrisHelme

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    If you all like that orchestral brass team try this one out - 'Portraits' - it has Peter Masseurs principal trumpet at the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra playing the Arutunian trumpet concerto with a new specially written cadenza for him - For trombone players Tim Dowling the principal trombone at the Residente Orchestra in The Hague plays Ferdinand David's Concertino For Trombone - this was specially arranged for trombone and brass band - For French horn enthusiasts there is Edward Gregson's Horn Concerto and Brass Band played by Jasper de Waal he is principal French horn player at the Royal Concertgebouw - and of course for cornet players Huug Steketee the principal trumpet/cornet player at the Residentie Orchestra plays his own composition of '...Portraits...'.
    They are not finshed yet - to close their CD they play Huug Steketee's quartet arrangement of an Arban exercise. Having listen to the recording with Hepworth (Lanson Homes) Band brilliantly accompanying the four soloists - this is playing at the highest level and the best £5.99 CD around.

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    They're all listed on the front cover, along with the composers, although it's not easy to work out who plays what!
  8. brassneck

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    :oops: ... you're correct! (with the composers highlighted in red and conductor in yellow!)
  9. Jan H

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    And if you like the conducting on the CD, I can recommend you my band's CD that will be released soon ;) It will be published by DeHaske, and will be called "Cry of the Falcon - Flemish music for fanfare band" :biggrin:
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  10. BoozyBTrom

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    Having ordered mine last week i have now received an email from HMV telling me they are out of Stock.

    Look like im in for a bit of a wait lol. :-?
  11. brassneck

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    - you could pop up to the HMV store in Princes Street, Edinburgh ... two copies racked under 'trumpet' in it's classical/jazz section upstairs only a week ago! ;)
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    ha ha

    9.99 CD plus 30 quid diesel. bargain!!!!! :tongue:
  13. brassneck

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    £13 store price! Nice when you can get it ... :p

  14. BoozyBTrom

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    Salt im my wounds :(
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    burny! burny! glorious sounds :cool:

  16. jondaw

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    Really objected to paying £13.95 for this CD with World of Brass and then finding £2.95 P&P added at the very end - £16.90 is taking the p***

    Did a Google and found myself on a site based in Philladelphia, USA.

    Placed my order on June 16th (Saturday) and had the CD delivered on 27 June (Wenesday). Excellent service with update emails confirming receipt of order and when the disc was shipped.

    Total cost INCLUDING P&P US$19.83 (£10.33)
  17. nickjones

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    Got the Manchester Branch of HMV to send it to Bangor picked it up this lunchtime , and just had a listen..brilliant cd , will be better on the surround system later than the small speakers I have here...class playing all round.
    Well worth the £13.00
  18. BoozyBTrom

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    Its finally arrived. Im now looking forward to listening to it.
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    It's received an excellent review from Dudley Bright in British Bandsman this week and also from Paul Hindmarsh in Brass Band World.