CD Basso Bravissimo! - Steve Sykes (Tuba)

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    Launched last Saturday was the latest release on the Egon label, the second solo CD from tuba ace, Steve Sykes.

    Steve is without doubt one of the finest soloists from the British brass scene and possesses the art of performing and communicating his love for music and his instrument.

    Follow this link, Basso Bravissimo, for the track list and to order your copy.

    The recording will be available from World of Brass Tunes in due course.
  2. PeterBale

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    I'm presuming that the "Four Temperaments" is the version previously released on "Dreams & Fancies". Are the other tracks new recordings, or have they been released before?
  3. PPP

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    Hi Peter

    Yes, the 'Four Temperaments' track was originally released on a cd promoting the publications of G&M Brand Music ltd and appeared on the Doyen label. Egon thought that the first recording of this important work would be worthy of wider exposure than just those interested in wind band recordings and literature, you can be assured that ALL of the other tracks are newly recorded. I hope that you enjoy the CD.


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  4. brassneck

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    The Four Temperments is an excellent work for tuba and shows off many facets of Steve Syke's playing, esp. the high solo jazz section contained within.
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    It's now available HERE.
  6. John Brooks

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    Does Steve play both parts of Radiant Pathway or was it rescored as a solo? As I recall, it was originally a Bb/Eb Bass Duet. I used to have a recording of this with Les Condon and George Whittingham and the ISB. I've always been sorry to have lost that one.
  7. Aussie Tuba

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    I've not heard the CD, But from memory "Radiant Pathway " was scored to be payed either as a Solo or a Duet.
  8. PPP

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    Hi John

    Yes, you are correct in saying that Radiant Pathway was written as a duet - Steve has recorded both parts just as it was originally (both on EEb), he has also recorded another duet piece - 'Pick Yourself Up' where Steve also plays both parts.

    I hope if you purchase this CD you enjoy it. I am sure that you wont be disappointed.

  9. John Brooks

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    Thanks Joanne; I'll be off to World of Brass Tunes very soon.
  10. Chris Thomas

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    I'm sure everyone will - Steve is on tremendous form and this recording deserves to be a massive success.