CBBA Contest 2010 Results (17th April)

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    Cornwall Brass Band Association 55th Cornish Brass Band Championships
    Saturday 17th April 2010 at Tremough Campus, Penryn
    Adjudicator - Dr Chris Davis OBE

    Ungraded Section
    1st - Gweek (A R Richards)
    2nd - Illogan Sparnon (Shaun Marsden)
    3rd - Redruth Town (N Johns)

    Best Instrumentalist - Solo Cornet (Redruth Town)

    Junior (Training Section)
    1st - St Keverne Junior (Gareth Churcher)
    2nd - Carharrack and St Day Training (Duncan Currie)
    3rd - Lostwithiel Junior (Jane Whitehead)

    Best Instrumentalist - Kit Percussion (St Keverne Junior)

    Fourth Section
    1st - Gweek Silver (A Richards)
    2nd - St Agnes Silver (Kirsty Rowe)
    3rd - Carharrack and St Day (R S Trelease)

    Best Instrumentalist - Soprano Cornet (Gweek)

    Third Section
    1st - St Stythians (J Burns)

    Best Insrumentalist - Solo Cornet (St Stythians)

    Youth Section
    1st - Camborne Junior (A Pope)
    2nd - St Keverne Youth (G Churcher)

    Best Instrumentalist - Solo Cornet (St Keverne Youth)

    Championship Section
    1st - St Dennis (G Lannie)

    Best Instrumentalist - Kim Bazeley (Euph St Dennis)

    Open Entertainment Section
    1st - St Dennis (G Lannie)
    2nd - St Stythians (J Burns)

    Best Soloist - Peter Bazeley (Bass St Dennis)

    Special Awards - Open to All Sections
    Best Soloist in the Junior Section - Kit Percussionist (St Keverne Juniors)
    Best Soloist in the Youth Section - Solo Cornet (St Keverne Youth)
    Best Percussion in the Junior/Youth Section - St Keverne Juniors

    Best Cornet Section - St Dennis
    Best Bass Section - St Dennis
    Best Cornet - Lee Wylde (St Dennis)
    Best Euphonium - Kim Bazeley (St Dennis)
    Best Player of the Day - Kit Percussionist (St Keverne Juniors)
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