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    From 4barsrest:

    Details for this year's Cornwall Brass Band Association Contest have been released.

    The new venue for this years Cornwall Brass Band Association contest is at Truro Methodist Church on Saturday 31st March commencing at 11am.

    The draw for all sections will take place at 10.30am. Entries are as follows and order of play.

    Training/Junior Section: Pendennis.

    4th Section: Carharrick & St.Day, St.Agnes, Redruth.

    3rd Section: Constantine, City Of Truro.

    2nd Section: Launceston, St.Stithians.

    Youth Section: St.Dennis.

    There being no entries for 1st or Championship section. All these sections will be own choice programme.

    Open Entertainment Section: Launceston, St.Dennis, St.Keverne, St.Breward, Heyl Town, St.Austell.

    This section will be open adjudication.

    There will be Trophy prizes for all sections and Trophy for best instrumentalist of the Open Section. The Adjudicator for the day will be Derek Broadbent.

    The playing time for the Entertainment Section will be 25 mins from first sound to last including announcements.

    Admission prices will be £6.00 per adult £5.00 under 10 years of age. Bandsmans tickets up to a maximum of 30 available in advance at a cost of £5.00 each. Programmes £1.00. Raffle tickets will be on sale.
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    Adjudicator: Derek Broadbent

    Junior/Training Section
    1. Pendennis Brass - 170pts

    Fourth Section
    1. St Agnes Silver - 175pts
    2. Carharrick & St Day - 174pts
    3. Redruth Town - 172pts

    Best Soloist- Soprano, Redruth

    Third Section
    1. Constantine Silver - 178pts
    2. City of Truro - 175pts

    Best Soloist: Principal Cornet, Constantine Silver

    Second Section
    1. St Stythians - 182pts
    2. Launceston - 179pts

    Best Soloist: Soprano, St Stythians

    Youth Secton
    1. St Dennis - 186pts

    Best Instrumentalist: Euphonium, St Dennis

    Open Entertainment Section
    1. St Dennis
    2. St Keverne
    3. St Austell

    Best Soloist - Euphonium, St Dennis

    Special Awards - Excludes Open Entertainment Section
    Best Instrumentalist junior/Training Section - Principal Cornet, Pendennis
    Best Soloist Youth Section - Soprano, St Dennis
    Best Percussion Section in Junior/Youth - St Dennis Youth
    Best Cornet Section of the day - St Stythians
    Best Bass Sectionof the day - St Dennis Youth
    Best Cornet of the day - St Dennis Youth
    Best Euphonium of the day - St Dennis Youth
    Best Player - Soprano, St Stythians
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  3. jim

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    It was the first time that I have been to this contest and it was an enjoyble day to!

    Well done to St Dennis 2 great performances, was good to see you AJ sorry I didnt come down to the band club after Stephanie and me were going to but endid up getting drunk in the house!
  4. AJSOP

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    No worries. I'm sure you will be making another visit soon. Perhaps Bugle??
  5. jim

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    Yep Ill be down no playing tho im just gonna put my feet up and come down for a long weeknd. Ill let you guys do the hard work!!
  6. sugarandspice

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    Totally forgot about this contest, i'll just blame the time difference tho!

    Congrats to St Agnes! :) Liz- bet you're mum was pleased! Do you know who was playing PC for Pendennis junior band?
  7. Liz Courts

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    Ummm...I want to say Beba, but could be wrong! It was either her, or someone that looked like her!

    Yay, "we" won! And on a poor performance too :rolleyes: ... St Agnes played the piece so much better in rehearsals, and came off stage quite disappointed...they wouldn't believe us listeners when we told them we thought they'd win anyway!! But everyone went home pretty pleased in the end!

    Also a huge congratulations to St Stythians - if only you played like that at the areas! Best cornet section of the day as well - and that was without me :tongue: ! Also well done to Dennis on getting best player of the day as well! :)

    Also congratulations to St Keverne, who may have missed out on a win, but chose the most "entertaining" programme in the open section in my opinion!
  8. sugarandspice

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    I have been informed it was! doing well and seems to be following in her brothers footsteps- Morrison won the award two years ago. Excellent! :)