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  1. I am selling my early 20th century Eb cavalry tuba. It has 4 valves and is non-compensated. It has a huge sound and can easily hold its own in any music group. I am looking for £1500 but am open to offers. I can email pictures.
  2. Price reduced to £1300. Message me for details.
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    Just a comment that I hope will be constructive to your sale and maybe informative to other readers.

    Could you detail the maker of your tuba and give other information like finish, high pitch conversion (?) and bell size, etc? It might help some people if you commented on the groups that you play it in and explain that 'Cavalry' isn't a make of Tuba but rather a layout which has, if I'm correct, piston valves which are front (horizontal) rather than top (vertical) 'acting'. I anticipate that there are other virtues in the design too but believe that that orientation is better if you're riding a horse, which maybe is where the term 'Cavalry' comes from, and found pictures via google images. I hope that the above is supportive.
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  4. I forgot to mention that the tuba was made by Hawked and Son. It is in modern pitch and does have 3 + 1 forward facing valves. The bell is 15 inch in diameter and the finish is in silver, although a lot of this has worn off.
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