Cash4trumpets- Vincent Bach Stradivarius 50B3 Double Plug Bass Trombone....

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    We have some stunning instruments on offer........

    Vincent Bach Stradivarius Double Plug Bass Trombone in stunning lacquer finish.

    Boosey & Hawkes Sovereign Bb Euphonium in stunning lacquer finish 'round stamp model with brand new Besson Sovereign style hard case.

    Boosey & Hawkes BE760 Imperial 3 valve Bb Euphonium. In exceptional original condition. Lacquered finish.

    Besson Sovereign BE955 Bb Baritone. 3 valve model also in lacquer finish.

    Yamaha Maestro Bb Euphonium in silver plate finish.

    Yamaha Neo Bb Euphonium in silver plate finish. Brand new, unused instrument available at a discounted price.

    Coming soon-

    Vincent Bach Stradivarius Bb Flugel Horn in Lacquer finish. Currently being professionally re-lacquered to 'as new' condition.

    Please contact us for more information or alternatively most instruments are listed on ebay - user name cash.4.trumpets

    Thank you.
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    cash4t 3 10 13 001.jpg cash4t 3 10 13 003.jpg cash4t 3 10 13 006.jpg cash4t 3 10 13 007.jpg Bach Strad Bass Trom images....

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